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Digital Media Technology – AAS Degree


Digital Media Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

This program will prepare graduates to enter the profession of Digital Media Technology. Combining classroom experience and real-world projects, this program is designed for students seeking exciting careers in digital video production, motion graphics, or graphic design.

What You Can Do

With a strong job outlook, the Digital Media Technology program offers students an opportunity to enter the robust field where there will be around 82,000 new hires in the profession. This occupation is expected to rise from the need to create, edit, translate, and disseminate information through a variety of platforms.


  • Video Systems Technician
  • Video Graphics
  • Special Effects & Animation
  • Audio-Video Designers
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • Webpage Designers
  • Graphic Designers

Modes of Instruction
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Program Details

DMT 2022


ORI 100College 1011
MAT 113Contemporary Math OR IAI MAT3
DMT 105Symbolism & Logo Design3
DMT 115Layout Design3
ENG 101English Composition I1 OR
ENG 113 Professional Technical Writing
ELECTIVEIAI Humanities or Fine Arts3


DMT 160Typography3
DMT 185Production Design Technologies3
DMT 240Packaging Design3
DMT 170Video Game Industry & Design 3
COM 115Speech OR COM 116 Interpersonal Communication3


ART 296Photography I3
DMT 205Digital Imaging Technologies3
DMT 250Intro to Web Design3
DMT 260Interactive Design3
DMT 265Branding & Multimedia Design3


ELECTIVEIAI Social / Behavioral Science Elective3
INT 101Internship1
DMT 220Animation I3
DMT 230Video Production I3
DMT 280Advanced Layout Design3
MKT 224Advertising3

Total Hours for Degree62

  1. Requires a grade of “C” or higher. ↩︎

The Digital Media Technology Program is a minimum of 62 credit hours. Please use our Tuition and Fees page to calculate your approximate cost.

*Students will be responsible for additional classroom materials and tools.

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  1. Technical Proficiency: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in using industry-standard digital media tools and software for tasks.
  2. Media Production Skills: Graduates will be able to plan, produce, and edit digital media content, including images, videos, audio, and interactive multimedia projects, meeting industry quality standards.
  3. Visual Communication: Graduates will develop an understanding of visual design principles to effectively communicate messages in digital media.
  4. Project Management: Graduates will develop project management skills, including planning, organization, time management, and collaboration, to complete digital media projects within deadlines and budgets.
  5. Professionalism: Graduates will exhibit professional behavior, work ethics, and teamwork skills, demonstrating their readiness to enter the workforce or continue their education in the field of digital media.

Digital Media Faculty Contact

Devin Miller

Devin Miller

Professor of Media Arts & Digital Media Technology

Phone: (618) 985-2828 Ext. 8847
Office: B215B