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Student Guidebook

View a PDF of the Student Guidebook.

This guidebook is designed to guide students to key information and to enhance the accessibility of John A. Logan College student policies.

As members of the John A. Logan College community, students have certain rights based on their inherent worth and dignity as individuals. These rights include academic freedom, or the freedom to examine issues and express opinions, and constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. Students can expect to be treated with fairness and respect, and can insist on a safe and civil environment in which to reach toward career and personal goals. 

These rights come with a responsibility to the college community to assist in supporting that safe and civil environment for others. The College aims to provide all students with an environment that is conducive to academic endeavor, social growth, and individual self-discipline. Accounting for student rights and responsibilities, College policies are meant to help students achieve success in their academic and extracurricular activities. 

Students are subject to all of the policies and procedures covered in this publication and all other policies adopted by the College. Additionally, some programs may have policies that are uniquely applicable to students in that program. However, this publication is starting point for students to understand and use college policies. 

In accordance with Board Policy 8310, all information contained in this document complied with federal and state law and current John A. Logan College Board Policies/Administrative Procedures at the time of printing or digital access. The online version of the Student Guidebook is the official version and may contain more up to date information.

This publication is considered the “student handbook or copy of rules pertaining to students” as described in Section 1501.204 of the Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board.