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Administrative Assistant – AAS Degree


Administrative Assistant

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The Administrative Assistant degree prepares students for an administrative support position focusing on meeting and event planning. This degree will prepare students by developing and enhancing their skills using current technologies in today’s office.

What You Can Do

Employment growth is projected for administrative assistants, technology will enable those with this degree to prepare documents, support more than one manager in an organization, arrange files, prepare documents, schedule appointments, and support other staff.


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Secretary

Earning Potential

View the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants at Secretaries and Administrative Assistants : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

Modes of Instruction
Learn more about the modes of instruction offered at John A. Logan College.

Program Details

00BUS 0009


ORI 100College 1011
BUS 116Keyboarding I13
BUS 135Office Language Skills3
ALH 217Medical Terminology3
BUS 255Customer Service 3
CIS 207Computer Application for Business 3


BUS 117Keyboarding II3
ENG 101English Composition I23
BUS 222Legal/Social Environment of Business3
CIS 105Current Operating Systems/Security 3
MAT 113Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics OR MAT 112
OR BUS 111 Business Mathematics3


CIS 104Spreadsheet Design3
CIS 110Introduction to Word Processing2
BUS 235Business Communication 3
ECO 201Introduction to Macroeconomics OR
ECO 202 Introduction to Microeconomics
Track 1 or Track 2 Electives6


ACC 100Business Accounting OR
ACC 200 Financial Accounting I
CIS 120Database Management 3
COM 115Speech OR COM 116 Interpersonal Communication33
ELECTIVEIAI Humanities OR IAI Fine Arts Elective43
Track 1 or Track 2 Electives4 – 6
16 – 18

Total Hours for Degree64

Track One-Medical Office Administrative Assistant Required Electives

BUS 270Medical Office Procedures3
ALH 101Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation1
MDA 129Medical Insurance & Billing Procedures3
BUS 280 Computer Applications for the Medical Office3

Track Two-General Administrative Assistant Required Electives

BUS 110Introduction to Business3
BUS 237Office Procedures3
BUS 282Legal Terminology 3
MGT 112Principles of Management3

Notes and Information

Fall Only CoursesSpring Only Courses
MDA 129BUS 270
BUS 255BUS 280
BUS 282BUS 237
CIS 105
CIS 120
MGT 112

The Administrative Assistant Program is a minimum of 64 credit hours. Please use our Tuition and Fees page to calculate your approximate cost.

*Students will be responsible for additional classroom materials and tools.

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Program learning outcomes information.

Administrative Assistant Faculty Contact: Jason Tanner

Avatar placeholder for profile picture

Jason Tanner

Professor of Business

Phone: (618) 985-2828 Ext. 8170
Office: E229 B

  1. Proficiency exams are available for BUS 116 (requiring a production test as well as 40 wpm with no more than three errors on a three-minute straight-copy timing) and BUS 117 (requiring 55 wpm with no more than three errors on a
    three-minute straight-copy timing) for students entering the program with a sound background in keyboarding. See your advisor for information. ↩︎
  2. Requires a grade of “C” or higher. ↩︎
  3. Students pursuing the Health Care Management Capstone Option at SIUC or baccalaureate degree at another institution should take MAT 113 and COM 115. ↩︎
  4. Preferred IAI Humanities and Fine Arts electives: LIT 235, LIT 280, PHL 121 and THE 113. ↩︎