Department Directory

Academic Advisement – Including Appointments8070
Accounts Payable (Business Office)8223
Adjunct Faculty Office8356 G204
Admissions and
Admissions and Records – Grades8213
Admissions and Records – Graduation8213
Admissions and Records – Transcripts8513
Admissions for Workforce Development8514
Adult Basic Education (See Logan Academy)
Adult Secondary Education (See Mary Logan High School) 
Alternative High School (See Adult Secondary Education)
(Alongi) Du Quoin Extension Center8312Phone or email
Aquatics (See Logan Fitness) 
Athletics8439 C101
Auto Collision/Body Shop (Applied Technologies)8375 V30
Automotive Service Labs (Applied Technologies)8445 V3A – V4
Baseball Dugout (Athletics)8231 Baseball Field
Baseball Game (Athletics)8232 Baseball Field
Biology Prep Lab8294 C251-253-257
Biology Tutoring Center8674 C243A
Bookstore, JALC (Follett)618-985-6418
8127 – 8128
Box Office (See Student Life) 
Buildings and Grounds8263 E102
Bursar’s Office8201 – 8440 – 8311 – 8615
Business and Industry (See Center for Workforce Development)
Business Office8658 C114
Cafeteria (KFS)8335 C113
Campus Police8218
Campus Support Services8381 C115
Career Services8424
Career and Technical Education8217 – 8403 E202
Center for Workforce
CHEC – Community Health Education Complex (See Logan Fitness) 
Child Care Center (See SIU Head Start)
Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)1-800-548-5563 or 985-5980985-3528JALC Annex 607 S. Greenbriar Road, Carterville, IL 62918
Clinic (See SIH Walk-In Clinic) 
Clinical Counseling8030E111G
Coal Mining8371 – 8372 VOC 27
Coffee Shop (KFS)8663 E-Wing Lounge
Community Education8248 – 8537985-2762H104
Computer Lab (Information Technology)8495 C242 – E205 – E207
Computer Lab – Student Multimedia Lab (Learning Resources Center)8278 C231A
Computer Support (See Information Technology) 
Computer Support and Networking Program (Applied Technologies)8587 G104A
Concession Stand (Athletics)8609 Baseball Field
Conference Room – Administration Building8435 A13
Continuing Education and Professional Development (See Center for Workforce Development)
Copy Room (See Campus Support Services) 
Cosmetology Lab/Salon8243 D271
Custodial (See Buildings & Grounds) 
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (Student Success Center)8516 C219B
Dean of Academic Affairs8386G204
Dean of Student Services8221E202
Dental Assisting (Allied Health and Public Service)8690 D174
Desire2Learn (D2L) Assistance8388 (IT) – 8278 (LRC)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Allied Health and Public Services)
Disability Support Services (Student Success Center)8516 C236
Diversity and
Dual Credit (See College Readiness)
Du Quoin Extension Center (See (Alongi) Du Quoin Extension Center)
Early School Leaver Transition Program (See Mary Logan High School) 
Electronics (Applied Technologies)8587 G104A
Emergency (Campus Police)8218 – 985-5550
Facility Scheduling8343 – 8624
Financial Operations (See Business Office)
Fitness Center (See Logan Fitness) 
Foundation8914 – 8355
GED (See Logan Academy) 
Genealogy (See Library) 
Grants Office8300B30
Grounds Building (Buildings and Grounds)8332 904 Vicksburg Rd.
Hall of Fame Room (Athletics)8471 C102
Health Clinic (See SIH Walk-In Clinic) 
Heating and Air Conditioning Lab (Applied Technologies)8251 VOC 21
High School (See Adult Secondary Education) 
Highway Construction Careers Training Program (HCCTP)
Historical Village (See Facility Scheduling)
Human Resources8273 – 8640985-3906C116
Hunting and Fishing
Illinois Relay Center (Voice User)1-800-526-0857  
Industrial Technology (Applied Technologies)8587 G104A
Information Center8219
Information Technology8388
Institutional Research8296 A18
Learning Lab8277 E131 – E133Students:
Faculty, Staff, Non-Students:
Learning Resource Center (LRC)8278
Logan Academy8539 – 8252H107
Logan Fitness8328 J Building/
Mail Room (See Campus Support Services) 
Maintenance (See Buildings & Grounds) 
Man-Tra-Con8239 C204H
Mary Logan High School8349 – 8415H107
Massage Therapy Clinic Appointments8383 – 8502 J Building
Mees Centre8638 Historical Village
Multimedia Lab (Computer Lab – Student Multimedia Lab) 
The Nature Conservancy618-310-1059 – 309-338-3061 C143
Nursing Programs8498 G220
Occupational Therapy (See Testing Services) 
Online Class Assistance (See Desire2Learn Assistance)
Operator (See Information Center) 
Payroll Clerk (Business Office)8511 F119
Pay Tuition (See Bursar’s Office)
Perkins Grant8075, 8041C203B
Personnel (See Human Resources)
Physical Plant (See Buildings and Grounds) 
Physics Lab (Life and Physical Science)8540 G120-G124
Police (See Campus Police) 
Poshard Foundation for Abused Children8564 – 8265985-9874H113A
Preschool (See SIU Head Start)
President’s Office8408985-2248A1
Public Relations8569B215
Public Safety (See Campus Police)
Purchasing8434 – 8620C228
Receiving (See Shipping and Receiving) 
Recreation Center (See Logan Fitness)
Reference Desk (See Library) 
Registration/Registrar (See Admissions and Records)
Salon (See Cosmetology Lab) 
Scheduling (See Facility Scheduling) 
Scholarships (See Foundation) 
Security (See Campus Police) 
Shipping and Receiving8419 E103
SICCM (Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market)942-6902 3213 S Park Ave, Herrin, IL
SIH Training Center457-5200 Ext. 68712 E302
SIU Head Start8246 – 8241 – 8682D270
Softball Field (Athletics)8608 Softball Field
Southern Illinois Wellness Email
Student Life8312
Student Multimedia Lab (See Computer Lab – Student Multimedia Lab) 
Student Printing (See Campus Support Services) 
Student Recruitment (See College Readiness)
Student Senate (Student Life)8336 Email
Student Success Center8289 C218
Student Trustee (Student Life)8336 Email
Student Work (See Career Services)
Surgical Technology (See Testing Services) 
Swimming Pools (See Logan Fitness)
Switchboard (See Information Desk) 
Teaching and Learning Center – TLC (Learning Resources Center)8278
Testing Services8520
TRIO (See Student Success Center) 
Tuition (See Bursar’s Office)
Tutoring (Student Success Center)8289 C238
Veterans Resources8563
Vice President for Instructional and Student Services8362A15
Vice President of Business and College Facilities8204A7
Welding (Applied Technologies)
West Frankfort Extension Center8312Phone or email
Workforce Development (See Center for Workforce Development)
Writing Center8528 Phone only