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Business Management – Certificate


Business Management

Certificate of Achievement

The Business Management Certificate offers students the opportunity to study the managerial process and gain valuable skills in coordinating and overseeing the work of organizational resources so that the goals of the firm can be accomplished.

What You Can Do

This certificate program will prepare students for supervisory positions in small-to-medium-sized businesses. Graduates typically enter lower management positions and will cover topics such as management, marketing, organizational behavior, and computer information systems.


  • Retail Management
  • Sales Management
  • Office Management
  • Restaurant Management

Earning Potential

View the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Business and Financial Occupations : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

Modes of Instruction
Learn more about the modes of instruction offered at John A. Logan College.

Program Details

BUS 2007


ORI 100College 1011
BUS 110Introduction to Business3
BUS 235Business Communication 3
BUS 255Customer Service3
ECO 201Introduction to Macroeconomics OR
ECO 202 Introduction to Microeconomics


BUS 222Legal/Social Environment of Business3
OFT 207Computer Applications for Business3
MGT 112Principles of Management3
MGT 228Small Business Management3


ACC 100Business Accounting3
MAT 113Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics OR
BUS 111 Business Mathematics
MKT 113Principles of Marketing I3
MKT 130Sales I3

Total Hours for Degree37

Notes and Information

Fall Only CoursesSpring Only Courses
BUS 255MGT 112
MKT 113MGT 228
MKT 130

The Certificate in Business Management is a minimum of 37 credit hours. Please use our Tuition and Fees page to calculate your approximate cost.

*Students will be responsible for additional classroom materials and tools.

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  1. Business Fundamentals: Graduates will demonstrate a solid understanding of fundamental business concepts, including marketing, management, finance, and operations, enabling them to effectively analyze and contribute to business activities.
  2. Effective Communication: Graduates will possess effective communication skills, both written and oral, enabling them to articulate ideas, collaborate with diverse teams, and present information persuasively to various stakeholders in a professional business environment.
  3. Ethical Decision-Making: Graduates will apply ethical principles to business scenarios, demonstrating their ability to identify ethical dilemmas, evaluate potential courses of action, and make ethical decisions that align with legal and social responsibilities.

Business Management Faculty Contact Dr. Jason Tanner

Dr. Jason Tanner

Professor of Business

Phone: (618) 985-2828 Ext. 8170
Office: E229 B