Grants and Program Initiatives

Grants and Program Initiatives

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Grants and Program Initiatives

The Office of Grants and Program Initiatives supports efforts to improve education and student outcomes through external funding opportunities, in alignment with the College’s Strategic Long Range Plan.

To facilitate the grant research and application process, please follow the phases listed below:

Step 1: Share your idea with the Office of Grants and Program Initiatives

Step 2: Evaluate potential for funding
You should be able to answer the question “What is the problem I’m solving?”

Step 3: Explore potential funding sources (grant funding resources here.)
Sources could be JALC foundation, local, state, federal, or private, external, foundation dollars.

Step 4: Select funding source

Step 5: Begin the proposal process (access approval forms here.)
Complete and submit Form 1 – Grant Proposal.

Step 1: Create your grant writing team and designate the Principal Investigator (PI)

Step 2: Write narrative, adhering to grant guidelines, gather and analyze data, create a budget, develop a timeline

Step 3: Submit Form 2 – Submission Approval (allow at least one week for internal approval; access form here.)

Step 4: Once approved, submit proposal

Step 1: Complete and submit Form 3 – Award Decision (access form here.)

Step 2: Manage the award
If funding is awarded, send award announcement to Tammy Gwaltney, Colby Chamness, Provost, Stacy Buckingham, and Zach Stacy.

Step 3: If funding is not awarded, read reviewer critiques and, if allowable, reapply.
Notify Tammy Gwaltney, Colby Chamness, Provost, Stacy Buckingham, and Zach Stacy.

Who to Contact

Tammy Gwaltney – Associate Director of Grants & Program Initiatives
Phone: (618) 985-2828 Extension: 8300

Drew Middleton – Administrative Assistant for Facilities and Grants
Phone: (618) 985-2828 Extension: 8236