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Logan Fitness


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Membership to Logan Fitness. Contact our staff at (618) 985-2828 ext. 8502 for any questions.

  • Must be age 15 or older
  • Discounted memberships (senior citizen, veteran, high school, additional household member, etc.) must be purchased in person at the facility in order to verify eligibility of discount
  • Senior citizen discount applies for ages 65+
  • Multiple discounts may not be stacked

Regular Pricing (no 24/7 access)

Recurring MonthlyOne MonthOne Year
Senior Citizen (age 65+)
Veteran /Military
Teacher (PreK-college)
High School Student
Additional Household Member$24$32$240

24/7 Access Pricing

Recurring MonthlyOne MonthOne Year
Senior Citizen (age 65+)
Veteran /Military
Teacher (PreK-college)
High School Student
Additional Household Member$26$34$264

24/7 Access information:

  1. The only accessible areas during unstaffed hours will be the fitness center, free weight room, and restroom. The aquatic center, locker rooms, saunas, and upstairs will all be inaccessible during unstaffed hours.
  2. A barcode reader will be present near the west and south exterior doors. Members will use their Logan Fitness app or physical scan card to temporarily unlock the door and receive access.
  3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all 24/7 users purchase a physical scan card to serve as backup for entry in case of issues with the Logan Fitness app during non-business hours.
  4. ABSOLUTELY NO GUESTS are allowed to enter the facility during non-staffed hours.
  5. Violation of any Logan Fitness policies during unstaffed hours may result in suspension or permanent revocation of membership.
Logan Fitness Orientation

Students who are taking 6+ credit hours in the Fall/Spring or 3+ credit hours in the Summer will receive automatic Logan Fitness access via the student activity fee. This does not apply for dual credit, dual enrollment, and a few other unique circumstances. For students who have paid the student activity fee, they may simply type in their student ID number at the Logan Fitness desk in order to gain access. Students who are visiting for the very first time are required to view the 7-minute orientation video, take a photo, and complete the online waiver/release form. Dates for student activity fee access are the same dates as the community memberships (Fall: August 15 – December 31; Spring: January 1 – May 15; Summer: May 15 – August 15).

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans. SilverSneakers members can:

  • Access live online fitness classes and an on-demand video library of prerecorded workouts.
  • Take fun exercise classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels and led by trained instructors.
  • Go to thousands of gyms, community centers, and other participating fitness locations across the nation.
  • Download the SilverSneakers GO app to get your digital membership card and workouts (free, iOS and Android).
  • Find a friendly, supportive community in person and online.
    The goal? To help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy. If you qualify for SilverSneakers benefits, you’ll get a basic membership at any gym and participating location in the SilverSneakers network.

At Logan Fitness, SilverSneakers members receive a free membership and also have the option of taking several SilverSneakers classes for no cost. To see SilverSneakers class listings, refer to the Logan Fitness class schedule. If you qualify for SilverSneakers, stop by the desk or contact us at Ext. 8328 to get registered.

SilverSneakers flyer (PDF)

Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare® is a fitness program for body and mind to help you stay active, focused and connected either at a gym or from home at no additional cost. The Renew Active fitness program includes:

  • A free gym membership at a gym near you
  • Access to the largest national network of gyms and fitness locations
  • Access to thousands of on-demand workout videos and live streaming fitness classes
  • Social activities at local health and wellness classes and events
  • Online Fitbit® Community for Renew Active — no Fitbit device needed
  • An online program from AARP® Staying Sharp® offering content about brain health with exclusive content for Renew Active members
    Stay active with a free gym membership at a fitness location you select from a national network of over 22,000 locations, including many premium gyms. If you prefer to work out at home, you can view thousands of on-demand workout videos and live streaming fitness classes.

At Logan Fitness, Renew Active members receive a free membership for no cost. Free classes are not included with a Renew Active membership. If you qualify for Renew Active and know your Member Code, stop by the desk or contact us at Ext. 8328 to get registered.

Renew Active flyer (PDF)

Current JALC faculty/staff and JALC retirees are eligible to have their membership fees waived. This fee waiver does not apply to classes or any other services at Logan Fitness. Memberships must be updated on a semester basis by contacting Gretchen Kohlhaas (

One Day Pass$8
Drop-In Class Pass$10
Week Pass$20