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Fit3D Body Scanner

Ready for something amazing? Check out our new body scanner machine!

Logan Fitness now houses a Fit3D body scanner which provides 3D body images, body fat percentage, body shape rating, and precise body part measurements in less than 5 minutes. Tracked over time, this data can be extremely useful in monitoring progress and reaching fitness goals.

There are currently no other Fit3D body scanners in the southern Illinois area. The nearest scanner to our facility is in Evansville, Indiana!

How Does it Work?

Once you enter our body scan room, you will see a large graphic with instructions. Change into appropriate tight-fitting clothing for the most accurate results and be sure to have all hair tied up above the shoulders. The body scan machine is attached to a tablet which you will use to create an account. Once your account is created, you will stand on the body scanner and follow the on-screen prompts. The unit will slowly rotate you 360 degrees around in about 45 seconds. Within 5 minutes you will then receive an email with all of your detailed results. Once multiple body scans have been completed, your account will also show comparisons of each body scan and how you have changed over time.

Visit for more info about the body scanner or to create an account.

How to Purchase a Body Scan

Body scans are included in certain personal training packages or can be purchased as stand-alone scans. See stand-alone body scan pricing below.

Stand-Alone Body Scan Pricing

  • 1 Scan – $15 (member); $25 (non-member)

Check out the video below for a preview of how the Fit3d body scanner works!

FIT3D SEE YOURSELF IN 3D - Image of woman using FIT3D body scanner