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*You do NOT have to be a member or JALC student to enroll in classes at Logan Fitness!

Logan Fitness is proud to offer over 35 fitness and aquatics classes to the community. You do not have be a JALC student or have a membership in order to enroll in a Logan Fitness class. SilverSneakers members may enroll for FREE in classes that have “SilverSneakers” in their title. Non-SilverSneakers members may also enroll in these classes, but will simply have to pay the class fee.

  • Fall classes will typically open for registration in July and begin in mid-August.
  • Spring classes will typically open for registration in December and begin the second week of January.
  • Summer classes will typically open for registration in May and begin the first week of June.
  • A select few classes are typically also offered during the “intersession” periods in between each semester
Swimming, fitness, and weightlifting at Logan Fitness

Most Logan Fitness classes are broken into 8-week blocks. Spring and Fall semesters, which are usually about 16 weeks in length, will include both an A (first-half) and B (second-half) section of each class. Students who register for the second block sections before the semester begins will receive an early registration discount of 20% on that class.

*Patrons must be at least 15 years of age to sign up for a Logan Fitness class, with the exception of youth swim lessons or youth camps. Children aged 6 months-3 years old may enroll in our Parent/Tot classes. Children aged 3+ may enroll in private swim lessons. Children aged 4+ may enroll in our group swim lessons. See course descriptions for more information on each specific class.

On the Phone – call Logan Fitness at (618) 985-2828 ext. 8502 or 8328 to complete a credit card transaction over the phone. This is available during any open hours of operation.

In-Person – Cash, check, or card transactions are all available at either the Membership Services office or the Fitness Center Check-in Desk. This is available during any open hours of operation.

Online – You may register for classes online or through the Logan Fitness app. CLICK HERE to register for classes online. If you need assistance with your login, contact us at (618) 985-2828 Ext. 8328 and we can setup your username and/or reset your password.

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Phone: (618) 985-2828 Ext. 8502 or 8328
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Logan Fitness has 2 pools, 2 fitness rooms, and one classroom where the majority of our classes are held. Logan Fitness also hosts a few online classes through Zoom. These classes are indicated with a section number that ends in “Z”. We also offer a few “hybrid” classes, where some students can participate in-person while others are logged in and participating simultaneously online. These classes are indicated with a section number that ends in “H”. Logan Fitness also occasionally partners with outside groups to host classes in off-site locations.

Woman swimming in lap pool

Lap Pool – Located in the aquatic center, the lap pool is 25 yards in length and includes 8 lanes. The temperature is maintained at approximately 82-83 degrees. The front portion of the pool is 3.5 feet in depth and the back portion of the pool is 10 feet in depth. This pool includes handicap access via ADA steps or a chair lift. A few examples of classes offered in this pool include Advanced Swimming, Aqua Cross Fitness, Aqua Toning & Aerobics – Shallow, Aqua Toning & Aerobics – Deep, Aqua Zumba, Inclusion Aquatics, Competitive Youth Swimming, and Level 3 Intermediate Youth Swim Lessons.

Therapy Pool

Therapy Pool – Located in the aquatic center, the therapy pool is maintained at approximately 92 degrees. The depth of the pool ranges from 2.5 feet to 5 feet. This pool includes handicap access via a chair lift. A few examples of classes offered in this pool include Arthritis Aquatics (SilverSneakers Splash), Aqua Stretching & Toning, Post-Injury Aquatic Strength & Conditioning, Parent & Tot Swim, Beginner Level 1 Youth Swim Lessons, and Beginner Level 2 Youth Swim Lessons.

Room J120

J120 – Room J120 is located in the downstairs portion of the fitness center and is our largest fitness studio classroom. This space holds approximately 20 students and includes both mirrors and ballet bars. A large variety of equipment is also available including dumbbells, elastic bands, body balls, body bars, yoga blocks, steps, padded chairs, and more. A few examples of classes offered in J120 include Beyond the Barre, Body Sculpt, Boot Camp, Get in Shape!!!, Intermediate Yoga, SilverSneakers BOOM Move It, SilverSneakers Circuit, SilverSneakers Classic, SilverSneakers EnerChi, Spinning, Stretching & Toning, Total Body with Abs, Yoga, and Zumba.

Room J222

J222 – Room J222 is located in the upstairs portion of the fitness center. This space holds approximately 16 students. A variety of equipment is available including dumbbells, elastic bands, yoga blocks, padded chairs, and more. A few examples of classes offered in J222 include Pound, SilverSneakers Stability, and SilverSneakers Yoga.

Room J224 with desks

J224 – Room J224 is a classroom located in the upstairs portion of the fitness center. This space holds approximately 35 students and is used for a wide variety of instruction and training.

*Need to rent a space? These locations are all available for rent during certain days and times. For rental inquiries, contact

Kelli Abell

Kelli has worked at Logan Fitness for over 10 years as a Zumba instructor and fitness desk worker. She is a lifelong Carterville resident and you will sometimes see her practicing her Zumba routines in the hallway while working at the check-in desk. She brings high energy and has a lot of fun with her Zumba participants!

Margaret Anderson

Margaret became certified in Zumba® Fitness in 2017 and absolutely loves teaching. She is licensed in Zumba® Fitness and Zumba® Step and enjoys it because she believes that dancing is a fun way to relieve stress while enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Margaret enjoys all types of Zumba music, especially salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, dancehall and belly dancing. Margaret enjoys salsa/bachata dancing in her spare time and likes to travel going to different Latin dance socials and congresses. She has a Master of Science in Forestry from SIU and is a full-time natural resource conservationist. Whether you’re a beginner or long time Zumba dancer, stop in to one of Margaret’s cardio fitness dance classes to “ditch the workout and join the party”!

Susan Bausch

Susan Bausch

Susan Bausch has been a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance since 2012. She started teaching yoga at John A. Logan College in January 2013. She very much enjoys teaching in person at Logan Fitness as well as online. Susan’s goal at Logan Fitness is to teach students a full body workout without injury. Most of Susan’s current Logan Fitness students have been taking her courses for at least five years. Susan continues to take workshops and trainings on a regular basis. She has expanded her teaching to include a Tai Chi-influenced course (Taming the Chi) and a dance-influenced course (Beyond the Barre). All of Susan’s Logan Fitness courses are influenced by her decades of dance training.

Emily Bjornberg

Emily Bjornberg

Hi, I’m Emily, and I am majoring in Early Education at JALC. In my spare time, I like hanging out with my family as well as traveling. It feels like I have been swimming my whole life! I have been lifeguarding at Logan Fitness for a couple of years and I started teaching group swim instruction in the spring of 2023. I like teaching because I enjoy being around children, but I also enjoy teaching them about water safety. I give private swim lessons as well at Logan Fitness and I like to make all of my classes as fun as possible.

Francesca Burkett

Francesca Burkett has been teaching at Logan Fitness since 2019 for both group and private lessons. She enjoys working with youth of all ages, focusing on basic skills for beginners and stroke critique and endurance for more advanced swimmers.

Gabriella Burkett

Gabriella is an undergraduate student at SIU and has worked at Logan Fitness since 2019, beginning as a lifeguard. Since then, she has transitioned to a swim instructor and she has successfully trained hundreds of children in improving their swimming skills. Gabriella teaches Beginner Level 1 group swim lessons and also works with many students one-on-one as a private swim instructor. She enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities, teaching water safety, basic swimming, survival skills, and stroke technique with a goal of helping students get more comfortable in their swimming ability while having fun in the process.

Madison Calvin

Madison Calvin

Hello, my name is Mady Calvin. I am currently studying dental and plan on continuing my education at John A Logan. I am also a swim instructor that loves being around children and teaching them to become better swimmers.  In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, being around my friends and family, and staying active.  My goal as an instructor is to give you the best resources to ensure you become better swimmers/learners, all while doing it in a safe and positive environment!

Christina Cannova

Christina Cannova

Christina has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Logan Fitness since Spring 2021. Her 5:30am Body Sculpt class is one of the most popular courses at Logan Fitness and typically sells out all spots. Christina does a great job helping her clients and students push themselves to reach the next level!

Debbie Fosse

Debbie Fosse

Debbie has over 25 years of experience in leading many different classes in group exercise. She loves working with all types of people which led her to get her personal trainer certification to work with individuals in an aquatic environment. Her Certifications include: Group Fitness Exercise Instructor-Athletics and Fitness Association of America, SilverSneakers Fitness Instructor, Chair One Fitness Instructor, Aquatic Group Exercise Instructor-Aquatic Exercise Association, FITOUR Personal Trainer, and MS Aquatic Instructor National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Elesa Hefner

Elesa Hefner

Elesa Hefner is an undergraduate at SIUC studying Psychology and Recreational Leadership. She has always had a love for the water and water sports. Elesa began lifeguarding at Logan Fitness in 2021 and since then has transitioned to a swim instructor. She enjoys teaching students of all ages for group and private one-on-one swim lessons. Elesa teaches Beginner Level 2 and Intermediate Level 3 group lessons. Elesa is dedicated to seeing her students become more confident in the water and increase their abilities while still having fun. Elesa spends her spare time participating in and teaching water skills, kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing.

Taylor Hoistad

Taylor Hoistad

Taylor joined the Logan Fitness team this January 2023. She has always enjoyed sports and athletics, keeping variety in her personal work out regimen. Teaching the Total Body with abs class has been her Saturday morning spark of energy. She aims to help focus on overall and deep core strength (and fun music). It has been a joy getting know everyone in the class this year. Outside of TBwA she enjoys running, hot yoga, and most of all family time chasing her toddler!

Linda Kuykendall

Linda Kuykendall

Linda is retired from a long career in education. During that career, she primarily taught special education for the mentally handicapped (her first love), but has taught all grades at one time or another, substitute taught for thirteen years and ended her education career teaching kindergarten in a mission bilingual school in Honduras for two years. When she and her husband returned to his “home” in Johnson County, Illinois in 2003 she became an Aqua Aerobics instructor in Vienna for fourteen years. Upon returning from Honduras in 2019 she began instructing and substituting at The Hub and still continues with two classes one day a week. In the fall of 2022 she was pleased to come on board at JALC Fitness as a substitute in the Aquatics program and is looking forward to teaching her own class in the Spring Semester as well as continuing to substitute. Along with the other aquatic instructors, Linda finds that water exercise is one of the best exercises for your body, no matter what your age. Linda targets all parts of the body with cardio, arm and ab work and the most important part – stretching- for each individual at their own level. She also believes it should be fun and considers each of her students as a part of a “family”.

Fae Ragan

Fae Ragan was born and raised in Miami, Florida in the 1960s and 70s. She competed in 5 varsity sports at Southwest HS and still had time to be a frequent beach-goer. Fae attended SIU-C on a volleyball scholarship and also competed in intercollegiate badminton. She student-taught at Carbondale HS. Upon completing her undergrad degree in physical education, she was hired to coach volleyball at Carbondale HS while working on her master’s degree. Upon completing her master’s degree in physical education, Fae was hired in 1986 as head volleyball coach, assistant softball coach, academic advisor, and health instructor at John A. Logan College. Fae has retired from full-time teaching and coaching at John A. Logan but still teaches fitness class part-time at Logan Fitness. Fae teaches SilverSneakers Classic, Circuit, and Yoga. These classes are geared to the level of fitness her students need and can accomplish. SilverSneakers classes utilize dumbbells, therapy bands, balls, chairs, and do not require being on the floor. One bonus is that the classroom at Logan Fitness has mirrors and ballet bars for her students. She also teaches Stretch & Toning as a hybrid class, which is taught via ZOOM and in person at the same time! This class requires the student to be on the floor to stretch as well as standing stretches. Fae uses a broad spectrum of fitness styles and therapeutic exercises for her classes, she uses methods such as yoga, Pilates, and Feldenkrais. Emphasis is on core strength, balance/stability, muscular strength/endurance, cardio fitness, body composition, and flexibility. Excellent facility equipment allows for a great variety for fitness activities. A typical class may start with 15 minutes of footwork followed by standing stretches or standing yoga routines. Next up would be incorporating a giant therapy ball for balance and core development, finishing on the floor to do abs and core routines. Outside of her fitness classes at Logan Fitness, Fae Ragan also coaches volleyball at Carbondale high school, Carbondale middle school, and SMASH volleyball Academy.

Kristina Reid

Kristina Reid

Kristina’s interest in fitness and teaching was sparked in 2015 while she was attending JALC working towards an associate’s degree in Psychology. She has been consistent with going to the gym ever since. Kristina started her own fitness journey with a class and made a goal for herself to one day teach a class of her own. She strives to create an enjoyable atmosphere in class while everyone is working towards their own individual fitness goals. She loves teaching class and enjoys meeting new people along the way!

Debby Reimer

Debby Reimer is a certified Pound Pro and teaches our Pound class at Logan Fitness. Outside of her full time “day” job, she has been teaching Pound since 2017. She is not your typical fitness instructor and Pound is certainly not your typical fitness class. She considers her students as her friends and loves the interaction they create as they rock out to some fabulous choreography; squatting, lunging, laughing, & sweating their way through the set list with 1/4 lb weighted drumsticks. Most of the moves can be modified to fit anyone’s intensity level and she is happy to help her student’s find that level. She is excited to meet her class each week and help all of her student’s, new and continuing alike!

Nicole Rossi

Nicole Rossi

Nicole Rossi has taught aquatic classes at JALC since 2004. Currently, she teaches arthritis aquatics in the therapy pool. Her classes focus on cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance. Nicole incorporates aqua dumbbells, boards, noodles, and hand weights into the workout routine of the class. Most importantly, Nicole wants her participants to have fun, because if you don’t enjoy the workout, you’ll probably stop working out. She believes group exercise classes motivate you to work harder and improve your mental health through the additional social interaction. The results she has witnessed from her participants throughout the years inspire her to continue teaching.

Becky Salazar

Becky Salazar

Becky works with older adults and caregivers in the community and is certified to teach several classes geared for senior citizens. She has offered both Matter of Balance and Bingocize in the past at Logan Fitness for seniors, and also teaches Body Sculpt as a higher intensity class for any adults. Becky is passionate about all forms of exercise, participates in a variety of activities, and can often be found working out at Logan Fitness.

Fallon Scillufo

Fallon Scillufo

Fallon has always enjoyed swimming, so it was a natural decision to continue swimming right into her job as an instructor at Logan Fitness. Fallon has a lot of experience with competitive swimming: she was a member of the Herrin Tigersharks’ swim team from age four to eighteen. For 5 years, she coached the Tigersharks’ swim team age 6 & under swimmers. For four years, she taught private and group swim lessons at the Carbondale Life Center. She coached the Carbondale Cyclones for a summer during that time also. She has been a lifeguard since she was 16 years old and has been a lifeguard at the Herrin Pool and Logan Fitness. Fallon is also in school, pursuing a degree in early childhood education at SIU. She loves teaching swim lessons and loves watching her student’s grow and learn.

Karen Sherwood

Did you know that Karen attended one of the first water classes in 2004 as a student swimmer when the John A. Logan aquatic center pool first opened?  During that time, she took several swim classes and fell in love with water exercise.  She took a few years off when her children were little and got back into water exercise, teaching Shallow Aerobics at the Carbondale Life Center pool.  She started teaching at Logan Fitness in the aquatic center pool for the summer 2021 semester.  She is a firm believer that water exercise is one of the best exercises you can do.  It is a low-impact form of exercise and you can exercise every part of your body and not injure yourself.  Karen teaches her classes with the following elements: warm up, low cardio exercises, ab exercises, and finishing with cool-down stretch activities.  Her specialty is targeting every part of the body when doing cardio and stretch exercises.

Marcia Skinner

Marcia Skinner is a licensed PTA employed by the Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois. She has been teaching “Post-Injury Aquatic Strength & Conditioning” at Logan Fitness since 2016. She loves to help her students improve physically while also promoting a fun environment!

Cathy Small

Cathy Small has taught Yoga off and on for many years and continues to do yoga and teach yoga for her overall health.  She invites students of any and all levels to her class and hopes that she can encourage a relaxing class atmosphere while keeping the pace of the class moving. She hopes to show her student’s postures that will help them with their balance and movement but also relieve some of the stress everyone deals with in their day to day life.

Ashley Stevens

Ashley Stevens

As far back as Ashley can remember, she has loved the water. At 16, she got lifeguard certified and water safety instructor certified. All throughout high school and college she taught swim classes. After being a stay at home mom to 2 boys for 10 years, she got the opportunity to come back to work and further her career in aquatics instruction. She got her SilverSneakers Splash certification through Logan Fitness and trained to teach aqua yoga and aqua stretching & toning. She continues to teach the parent & tot swim classes and believes it’s very important to get kids in the water early in their life! During her free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her family.

Jean Szidik

Jean first began teaching fitness and aquatic classes at SIUC as a graduate assistant. She then taught for 10 years at Delta Health and Wellness, followed by 10 years here at JALC, and most recently for 8 years at the Hub Recreation Center. She is excited to be back at John A. Logan College. Jean holds a B.S. degree in Exercise Science and an M.S. degree in Sport Management. She is a sap for animals and children and has been known to jump off a boat to swim with the dolphins.

Kassi Teal

Kassandra Jones

Kassi first joined the Logan Fitness team in January 2020 as an aquatic intern. Once her internship was complete, she served as a lifeguard, aquatics instructor, and lifeguarding instructor for just over a year before being hired full-time as the Coordinator of Logan Fitness. Kassi currently teaches Lifeguarding, Competitive Youth, and Aqua Cross Fitness. She has over 10 years of experience teaching and coaching swimming and is a certified Lifeguard Instructor, Waters Safety Instructor, and Personal Trainer.

Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl Thomas has been a John A. Logan College employee for over 25 years. Although she is new to teaching fitness classes, she has been teaching anatomy & physiology classes for many years. She loves to combine her knowledge of the human body with her love of fitness. Cheryl is an avid runner, who like to include strength training in her fitness routine. She believes fitness should be fun & challenging in order for students to stick with it.