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Dual Credit / Early College

Current Dual Credit Students

Welcome current students!  We are so happy to see you!  Here are some items we thought may be helpful for you to be able to find quickly and easily:

  • Registration Link. If you are ready to register for classes, please fill out this questionnaire and we will be in contact with you.
  • Getting Started. If you need a new Getting Started Packet just click on the link.
  • Graduation Planning If you are wanting to make plans for future semesters click HERE for more detailed information.

Graduation Planning

Whether you are planning on graduating with your Associates Degree while in high school or waiting to complete it after high school, we can help you! Here is a link to all our program guides. These curriculum guides clearly show which classes are required for graduation.  You can also see what classes you have completed and need in your portal.

Wanting to transfer to another school? We can have that conversation with you too! Whether you want to transfer to another community college or a four-year university, we can answer your questions. If you are unsure if any of your college credits will transfer, the best way to get that information is to call or email an advisor at the school you want to transfer to. That person would be able to tell you which credits transfer correctly.

To request your final transcript be sent to your transfer school, click here.