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Admissions and Records

New and Prospective Students

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Getting Started

John A. Logan College admits students who have graduated from an accredited high school, completed a general education degree, or attained the age of 18 years or more. Students who are younger than 18 years of age can click here for information about attending John A. Logan College. Non- graduates may apply for admission if scholastic records, test scores, and other data indicate that the student can do college-level work.

Students wishing to enroll at the College should complete an application form and return it to the Admissions Office at John A. Logan College, 700 Logan College Drive, Carterville, Illinois 62918, or apply to the College on-line through our home page.

Prospective students should also have a high school and/or college transcripts sent to the Admissions and Records Office. Students will also need placement scores on file prior to registration.

All persons who plan to take courses and programs that are offered for college credit must submit a properly completed application for admission whether or not they intend to obtain a degree, certificate, or diploma.

You will be notified of your acceptance approximately two weeks from the date of application.

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