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Admissions and Records

Credit by Examination

College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Students may earn college credits through a national examination program. The subject exams measure achievement in specific college courses while the general exams cover five wide areas. A maximum of 30 credit hours at John A. Logan College may be earned through the general CLEP examinations listed below. Please check with the John A. Logan College bulletin for exact scores for credit.

Courses will be recorded with an “CR” grade. No duplicate credit can be earned. A listing of the CLEP subject exams and their course equivalent as well as additional information and applications are available in the Student Development office on each campus.

Advanced Placement

Credit by Institutional Examination: Students may be able to earn credit by Institutional Examination on course material not covered by CLEP exams or Advanced Placement exams. The Department Chair should be contacted to determine which courses are eligible for credit by Institutional Examination.