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Drug, Alcohol, Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness

Welcome to the John A. Logan College Drug, Alcohol, Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Program. Part of our mission at John A. Logan College is to provide information and other educational services for our students to assist them in making lifestyle decisions that will keep them healthy now and in the future. We strive to educate students and the community on drugs, alcohol, violence and safety. There are already many valuable resources on the internet that deal with wellness issues in today’s colleges. We hope that the resources on this page can help in the education and prevention of abuse problems.

On-Campus Assistance

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Drug Abuse Prevention

Alcohol Education

The mission of the John A. Logan College Program is to promote healthy behavior in the college student population through education about risks related to alcohol abuse.

The goals of the program are listed below.

  • Provide students with accurate and current alcohol information
  • Assist students in making low-risk drinking decisions
  • Reduce alcohol abuse
  • Promote improved academic performance

To assist in achieving its goals, the John A. Logan College Alcohol and Education Program maintains this website. The website is designed to offer students access to current alcohol information in addition to resources for many other aspects of student wellness. The site also has self-help information and tips for helping friends or family members.

The Century Council announces that its award winning, interactive Alcohol 101 PlusTM program, designed to help college students make safe and responsible decisions about alcohol, is

Violence Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness