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Dr. Kirk Overstreet, President of John A. Logan College

Office of the President

Office of the President

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In The Know

Welcome to the new look In The Know. We are excited to bring you this monthly link, allowing you to access essential communications in one place. In The Know will publish each month on the Wednesday following the Board of Trustees Meeting. What will be in each issue? We will update you on the Board of Trustees meeting, happenings in HR, Institutional Research updates including survey results, Athletics, Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Business Services, upcoming events and announcements, and recap of news around campus.

The Spring Semester is underway, and we survived the first round of winter weather in southern Illinois. We opened the semester with a new look, Kick-Off. It was a bit unorthodox, and I appreciate everyone’s willingness to hang in there during our all-campus session in the morning. I also want to thank everyone who completed the survey following our session. Your input at the session, as well as the survey results, are extremely important.

As I stated at the event, I am committed to uplifting this community through education, including all of you. My efforts, the design, and the purpose of the morning session were specifically meant to be an inclusive event where we, as a team, came together to explore the overall direction of the College, along with discussing what we need to address as a group and to develop a road map to our collective success. The data collected from the walls and the survey have been published on the IER intranet (link). There are some great constructive comments on the survey. I encourage you all to review and consider this feedback and the stop, start, and continue data as you develop your tactics and goals for the upcoming strategic/tactic planning for 2024/2025.

As the semester progresses, I intend to hold several brown bag events where we can explore the stop, start, and continue data and refine some of these ideas into tactics for next year’s strategic planning. Please join me as we continue developing these ideas.

On Tuesday, January 16, we held our first Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Breakfast. We wanted an event celebrating his life and legacy and allowing our students and community to attend. The event was an overwhelming success! Over 250 people attended the breakfast. Our speakers and performers were incredible and well-received. This will become an annual event at the College on the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Day. I want to thank everyone involved in planning for all their hard work organizing this great event.

Together, we can continue to lead Logan and our community to new heights. Again, thank you for your input and devotion to our mission. I intend to keep the dialogue progressing positively and look forward to hearing from each of you as we work to uplift our community and enrich lives.

Kirk Overstreet, PhD. 
Kirk E. Overstreet PhD. signature
President, John A. Logan College

The Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, January 23, at 6 p.m.  President Overstreet reported on the spring Kick-Off event on January 11. Overstreet discussed the format change that focused on “why we do what we do.” According to the President, overwhelmingly, faculty and staff stated that they are student-driven and focused on improving the lives of our students and the community through teaching and services at the College.  Overstreet shared that part of the Kick-Off event involved asking faculty and staff what the College should: Stop, Start, and Continue. He stated that there were a lot of great comments, that the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness was currently tabulating those comments, and that they would be reported to the entire campus in the near future.

Provost Dr. Stephanie Chaney Hartford reported on the success of the recent Saturday Sign-up event and the start of the fall semester. Dr. Harford also announced that the College was recently awarded $483,508.00 to develop more EV programs, purchase EV equipment, and possibly two vehicles, a Ford Lightening and a Tesla. The funding also provides professional development opportunities for our Automotive faculty.

“JALC is now part of the Development of EV (electric vehicle) Expansion Cohort across the state. We will be part of a group of colleges who will be participating in an EV Network,” said Hartford. “This will allow the college to help create pathway mapping for dual credit and other training as well as develop new programs or courses in our Automotive programs.”

Vice President for Business Services and CFO Dr. Susan LaPanne reported that the staff in Business Services enjoyed the shared collaboration theme of the spring Kick-Off event. Dr. LaPanne also reported that her staff is finalizing training modules for the upcoming budget process.

“It is our goal to help simplify the process and allow individuals and departments to align a specific budget request to a goal or objective for the coming year,” said LaPanne. “It is also our goal to start the budgeting process earlier in the year to allow us to present the budget to the Board of Trustees with adequate time for review and revision.”

Dr. Jane Bryant spoke on behalf of the Faculty Association and echoed the sentiment regarding the spring Kick-Off event. Dr. Bryant also reported on the accomplishments of several junior faculty members and said that the college’s mentorship and orientation efforts for new faculty are working well.

The Board approved a laptop purchase for Health Science and Nursing Students. The Pipeline for the Advancement of Healthcare Workforce Program (PATH) Grant has budgeted and been approved to purchase 50 laptop computers for health science and nursing students in the classroom setting. These laptops will be utilized in the classroom for taking quizzes and exams. Laptops are essential in the classroom because state board licensure exams are computerized. The Board of Trustees approved this purchase on November 28, 2023; however, when the College placed the approved laptop order, the laptop price increased, so the College reduced the purchase quantity to 42 laptops to stay within the approved spending limit. The Pipeline for the Advancement of Healthcare Workforce Program (PATH) Grant has adequate funding to purchase eight (8) laptop computers at a total cost of $7,197.28 so that 50 laptops are available for healthcare programs. In addition to the Health Science and Nursing laptop purchase, the board approved the purchase of 20 laptops for the welding program through the Strengthening Community College Training Grant. The total cost for the Dell Laptops is $28,804.60

A Digital Media Technology Certificate was approved for fall 2024. The request was made to train aspiring digital designers so they may be equipped with an exciting career in digital design, video production, motion graphics, or programming for the web. The demand for digital media technologies is high in Illinois and the United States. The certificate program will also prepare students to enter the Digital Media Technology degree program and award students with a stackable credential.

The purchase of the Anthology Software Suite through November 30, 2026, was approved. The Anthology Course Evaluation and Outcomes tools will continue to provide the institution with a means for conducting course evaluations (student feedback from each course) and student learning assessments required by our regional accrediting body. The combined contract allows John A. Logan College to use an updated course evaluation platform to incorporate data from both applications and save the IT department time required for manual data uploads. The Board approved the Anthology Outcomes software in January 2023 on a four-year contract. John A. Logan College already had a five-year contract with Anthology for Course Evaluations. In September 2023, John A. Logan College was presented with an amendment to our Anthology course evaluation software that merged the two applications into one annual bill. At the time, this amendment was not considered a change in the contract. However, after further review and internal discussion, this merged amendment does constitute a new three-year contract for the remainder of both software applications. The previous contract for Anthology Outcomes was a 3-year and 10-month contract with a total of $66,885. The previous contract for Course Evaluation was a 5-year contract with a total of $53,278. The new contract is a three-year contract with a total of $80,080.

The following personnel items were approved: Phillip Brewer, Coordinator of Recruitment; Kassandra Teal, Aquatic Coordinator; Dr. Keith Oates, Perkins Support Coordinator; Stephanie Jarvis, Full-Time Temporary Biology Instructor; Isaiah Blades, Campus Safety Officer.  The retirement request for Richard (Rick) Layne was approved effective April 30, 2024. The resignations of Josh Starks, Coordinator of Recruitment, and Sarah Carter, Aquatics Coordinator, were accepted.

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Overstreet recognized Trustee Jake Rendleman. The Carterville Chamber of Commerce had recently featured Rendleman on their social media sites for his years of dedication to John A. Logan College and the city of Carterville and southern Illinois. Overstreet also thanked Richard (Rick) Layne for his years of service to the College.

“Rick was one of the first people I met at the College. He is a fixture here and has been a vocal leader of the Teamsters and supporter of the College. He now has the opportunity to spend more time with his grandchildren who live in northern Illinois, and we wish him all the best on his retirement.” Chairman Bill Kilquist announced that the date of the February Board meeting has been moved to Monday, February 26. For more information, agendas, and other Board of Trustees Information, visit

Large Crowd Attended First JALC Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toyin Fox with Terance Henry

Over 200 community members, John A. Logan College faculty and staff, and students attended the first annual John A. Logan College Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. The breakfast event was held on Tuesday, January 16, in the College’s Conference Center.  College officials chose the day after Martin Luther King Day to allow more students to be able to attend.

“We wanted to have an event that allowed as many of our students to attend as possible,” said President Dr. Kirk Overstreet. “Our students do not live on campus, so by having the event today, they were able to attend some of the other events in the region yesterday and join us today for our event.”

Terance Henry, a local entrepreneur and the IT director for the City of Marion, was the keynote speaker. Henry spoke about his commitment to continuing Dr. King’s dream and how everyone is responsible for following those principles.

John A. Logan College Speech Team members Kellen Olson, Alberta Grinston, and Mischa read excerpts from some of Dr. King’s speeches. The JALC choir led attendees in a rendition of “We Shall Overcome,” and JALC Music Faculty and Choir Director Chris Thornton sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.”

Other speakers included John A. Logan College President Dr. Kirk Overstreet, Reverend Wad Halva, local music group Houze of Hope, and members of Carbondale United’s Violence Interrupters.

The first Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Alexis Anders during the ceremony. Alexis is working towards her Associate in Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

President Overstreet Announced plans to continue the event annually on the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Day. “I could not have been more pleased with the large crowd and the program that our Diversity and Inclusion Committee put together,” said Overstreet. “This will be an annual event for us to continue on the Tuesday following the holiday.”

View our photo Martin Luther King Day Celebration photo gallery on Facebook.

Logan Fitness Celebrates 20th Anniversary

January 2024 marks 20 years of operation for the Logan Fitness Facility on the John A. Logan College campus. The facility has seen remarkable growth and offers a variety of classes for all ages. In 2023 alone, over 4,000 individuals visited the facility and hosted several family events, in addition to offering 35 various fitness and aquatic classes this spring. The facility employs 55 full and part-time employees and will expand to a 24/7 facility later this spring.

John A. Logan College broke ground on the Community Health Education Complex in 2002, and construction was completed in late 2003. An open house was held in January 2004 when the facility was officially opened. By 2009, the facility needed expansion when the fitness center doubled in size; a walking track was added along with several fitness classrooms. In 2015, the facility began to offer multiple new services, including Silver Sneakers, day passes, private swim lessons, and personal training. In 2016, the Student Activity Fee was approved giving automatic facility access to JALC students. In 2017 a free weight room was added, and the facility expanded to include Sunday hours. In 2018, the facility was re-branded as Logan Fitness.

Logan Fitness is a 48,000-square-foot facility with over 150 pieces of fitness equipment that has expanded to meet the community’s needs and John A. Logan College.

“We continue to look at ways to serve our community best, and to offer classes and equipment that will help meet their fitness needs in a state-of-the-art facility that is warm and inviting to individuals of all fitness levels,” said Logan Fitness Director Dr. Bradley Griffith. “We are excited to have the opportunity to expand to a 24/7 facility, which will give our community even more opportunities to meet their fitness goals.”

To learn more about Logan Fitness, visit

College Calendar

The College website has a new calendar feature. For some time, we have wanted to overhaul our public-facing calendar. We needed something that was easy to update, searchable, filterable, and visually appealing. We found a calendar that met all these needs and integrated it with our Microsoft calendars system. You can reach this calendar from the calendar link on the right side of the homepage or by going directly to Contact Phillip Lane if you have any questions about how to post information to the calendar.

Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Results of recent surveys, including the spring Kick-Off survey and data that has been collected, can be found at To obtain results, click the IE SharePoint link on the left side of the page.

Human Resources

The College will host Mental Health First Aid training on January 31, February 22, March 8, and March 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. To register, visit A list of current open positions at JALC is listed at

Business Services

Facilities and Construction