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Winter Ice and Snow Safety Advisory – Snow Maps

When ice and snow hit our area, the campus may be operating under one of three special “Ice and Snow Safety Conditions”, where limited parking and building access is available, some sidewalks and entrances may be closed.

Sidewalks and other areas impacted by hazardous conditions will have a highly visible “Caution” sign posting them as closed to foot traffic. We encourage everyone to stay safe by being extremely careful driving and walking when the campus is under a snow and ice advisory. Facilities staff will be working diligently to re-open all areas as quickly as conditions allow.

Snow Maps

Areas in Red on each map are inaccessible, Green areas are accessible.

JALC Campus Open – Snow Map #1

Under this condition, the campus is open, roadways and most parking lots are open with the exception of lot E by the ball fields, and Lot G. Note: F wing and Waterfall courtyards are closed and no building access from these areas will be available.

Snow Map #1 (PDF)

JALC Campus Closed – Snow Map #2

Under this condition, the campus is closed. Main roads only will be cleared for emergency vehicle traffic, and parking for Campus Safety.

Snow Map #2 (PDF)

JALC Campus Open, but Classes Are Not in Session – Snow Map #3

Under this snow condition, the campus is open but no students are present. Please note on Map #3 that roads are cleared, but there will be limited parking. Only the front portion of some parking lots will be accessible. Building access may be limited.

Snow Map #3 (PDF)