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Online Learning

Online Learning

Sep 2
(Labor Day) - No Classes
Nov 11
(Veteran's Day) - No Classes
Nov 25 to Nov 30
(Thanksgiving Break) - No Classes
Dec 25
(Christmas Day) - No Classes
Jan 1
(New Year's Day) - No Classes


Desire2Learn is a hosted Learning Management System, which allows John A Logan College to deliver an enhanced learning experience for students in face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual (online) environments. D2L offers a variety of online learning tools that encourage collaborative & activity-based learning along with interaction of users and materials, to engage and inspire learners. JALC’s Desire2Learn site is

Students who are taking a course being taught using Desire2Learn will be automatically enrolled in that course. If the course(s) do not appear in your list of courses within 48 hours of registering through the admissions office, contact

Students may take a free orientation to online instruction. If you are taking an online, hybrid, or Desire2Learn supplement class, or even if you are just considering it, the orientation will help ensure that you understand the basics of taking an online course at John A. Logan College. You may take this orientation class for credit even if you have taken the Desire2Learn orientation previously. Among the things you should know about this orientation are:

  • The class is FREE. Upon successful completion of the orientation your instructors will be notified of your completion.
  • The orientation is completely online and can be completed from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
  • Most students should be able to complete the orientation in about three hours.
  • You will learn about Desire2Learn one of the College’s learning management system for online courses. You will also learn how accounts are created, how students are enrolled in a course site, how to log in to your class or classes, the requirements for email accounts, and the procedures for assignments and communicating with your instructor and fellow students.
  • You will learn what to do and who to contact if you have a technical problem while taking an online class.
  • To complete the orientation, you will have to complete several “assignments” and pass a short test on the content covered in the course. You may review the orientation and take the quiz as many times as necessary to pass. If you fail the test the first time, just review the material and take the test again. While credit is given upon successful completion of the orientation, no failing grades are given.
  • You will need to self register for this course. Click here for information on self registration (PDF).

How do I create a Desire2Learn account?

Create Desire2Learn Account

What is my Desire2Learn user name?

Create Desire2Learn Account

How do I enroll in a Desire2Learn course site?

See Enroll in a Desire2Learn Course in panel above

How do I enroll in the Desire2Learn Orientation?

See Introduction to Online Using Desire2Learn in panel above

How do I change my email address?

Your email cannot be changed in D2L

What Web Browser Should I use for Desire2Learn?

D2L Browser Support