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Online Learning

Online Learning

Sep 2
(Labor Day) - No Classes
Nov 11
(Veteran's Day) - No Classes
Nov 25 to Nov 30
(Thanksgiving Break) - No Classes
Dec 25
(Christmas Day) - No Classes
Jan 1
(New Year's Day) - No Classes

Online Learning

What are Online Courses?

Are you a self-directed and self-motivated learner? Does your schedule or location keep you from attending courses on campus? Then online learning may be just right for you. Online courses enable you to customize your learning to your time and your place since the courses are taught primarily via the Internet rather than in the classroom. Online courses are no less challenging or academically rigorous. You will have to spend at least as much time, and possibly more, to be successful.

Online courses are NOT independent study courses. Online courses are highly structured and involve frequent interactions with the instructor and with other students enrolled in the course. Students use the Internet for communicating with the instructor and other students, gaining access to course materials, conducting research, and submitting assignments. It is NOT necessary to have a high level of computer proficiency, but you should have some computer experience navigating the Internet and using e-mail. The ability to use a word processing program is very important in an online course. If you do not have Internet access at home or at work, you can still take an online course using computers in our open access laboratories.

Textbooks and other materials may be ordered from the campus bookstore.

Virtual Courses: Any course approved for online instruction that requires no more than three visits to a campus or off-campus location during a semester. (Courses section numbers for virtual courses are V1, V2, etc.)

Hybrid: Any course approved for online instruction that requires four or more visits to a campus or non-campus location during a semester. (Course section numbers for hybrid courses are H1, H2, etc.)

Resources for Online Students