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Career Services documents

Career Services

Career Services

Jan 15
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) - No Classes
Feb 19
(President's Day) - No Classes
Mar 11 to Mar 16
Spring Break - No Classes
Mar 29
(Good Friday) - No Classes
Apr 8
(Special Holiday) - No Classes

Student Graduates

Services Beneficial to Students and Graduates

  1. Updated list of area job vacancies, full and part-time.
  2. On-campus employment opportunities through the student work program.
  3. Individual assistance with the development of
    • Resume preparation
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Other pre-employment skills and ideas
  4. On-site interviewing and recruitment by employers.
  5. Individual job search and development.
  6. Updated employment opportunities and information made available through many different Internet web sites on both state and national levels.
  7. Access to updated material related to career information and job search skills in our office library.

Many different employers list their job vacancies with Career Services. We want our students to be aware of these employment opportunities.

We invite all of our current students, former students, and graduates to use the services provided by Career Services. This includes access to the job vacancies listed with Career Services and published online.

If you are current or former John A. Logan College Student and would like to apply for one or more of the job vacancies listed on our Career Services web page, you must:

  1. Call the office to identify yourself and make an appointment with a staff member. Telephone (618) 985-2828. Ext. 8424 or 8527.
  2. Have the job vacancy number ready when you call. It is the six-digit number (followed by a letter) which is located on the far right margin of each vacancy notice.
  3. Have an updated resume available and agree to file such with our office.
  4. Sign a release form that will permit us to forward your resume to prospective employers.