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An internship experience may be paid or unpaid. All students must complete their internship to receive college credit and a grade based on students’ work performance. Students may contact employers directly concerning the possibility of an internship or they may work with the Faculty Supervisor of the designated program to secure a work site. A few basic requirements that you will need in order to participate in an internship are:

  • Must be currently enrolled either as a full-time or part-time student
  • Must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credit hours in your major
  • Must have at least a 2.0 GPA

Benefits of an Internship

Enrolling in an internship gives you the “competitive edge” by providing real-world experience while you are taking classes towards a degree or certificate. These days more employers are looking for graduates who already have experience in their fields, so to compete for jobs you will need the competitive edge that an internship offers.

Internships are a win-win situation in which both students and employers benefit. Internship students are able to explore career options and test their classroom skills in real-life learning situations. Employers build a pool of tested and proven job candidates for current or future openings.

For Students

Employers expect professional behavior from the internship student. As professionals, students must treat their employers respectfully by giving appropriate notification of absences or termination.

To Apply

Click here for the application (Word Doc)

Submit the application to the Faculty Supervisor.

Finding a Position

Once the Faculty Supervisor of the designated program has approved you, the Faculty Supervisor will attempt to place you with an employer that matches your needs. Do not agree to be interviewed for an internship until you have made sure that you have met the requirements, completed your application and resume, and met with your Faculty Supervisor assigned to you if you wish to receive college credit for this experience.

Many students search for their own internships directly. However, all internships and employers must be approved by the Faculty Supervisor of the designated program before beginning an internship.

Resume and Interview Resources

For assistance, consult our Resume and Interview Resources page. Our Career Services office can assist you with creating a resume or assist you in preparing for a professional interview.

Accepting a Position

Notify your Faculty Supervisor of the designated program immediately if you are offered a position. The Faculty Supervisor will initiate the necessary paper work. You will need to sign your Training Agreement as well as your onsite supervisor and Faculty Supervisor.

You will need to complete a post-internship assessment with your Faculty Supervisor.

For Employers

Students must conform to policies, procedures, and safety rules; and must work scheduled times.


Students will be supervised at the work site and will be responsible for performance and punctuality. If a student does not perform to the satisfaction of an employer, he/she may be dismissed from the program.

Interns require direct supervision of existing employees and management. Will your current staff schedule, meeting times, and job shadowing provide general support for the intern during his/her time with your company?

Also, consider the time commitment to develop a job description, set up appropriate internship sponsors, assess the student’s abilities during the internship, and possibly track the number of hours the intern completes during his/her tenure with your company.

Create an Internship Job Description

What types of skills and/or knowledge would be required. Develop three learning goals, method of accomplishing goals, and method of evaluation. Most internships are 16-week tenures, although there are exceptions. If the internship is a paid or a not paid opportunity, you should specify this in your job description.

Interview Candidates

It is important that a student must receive approval from his/her Faculty Supervisor once the student has been identified as a candidate for an internship to receive college credit for the experience.

Finalize Internship Agreement

Before beginning their internship, the Faculty Supervisor will provide an agreement. The Intern, Faculty Supervisor, and the employer will each need to sign before work begins. The Faculty Supervisor will need the final agreement to make the appropriate copies for all parties.

You will need to complete a post-internship assessment. This will allow us to evaluate our internship program.