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Career Services

Career Services

May 27
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Student Employment

Student Job Listings

Student Worker Application

A student can gain experience and on the job training as a student worker. It allows students with no work experience or limited work experience to work and learn in a safe environment. We have different departments on campus and the work can be different from department to department. We have office positions, life guards, mail delivery, facility services, etc. that would offer different types of work experiences.

Any student applying for work on campus must file an Application for Federal Student Aid. You must file the results of the Application for Federal Student Aid in the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office will then notify the Career Services Office that the results of your application have been received and officially filed. This process must be completed before a student is considered eligible for student employment.

When filling out the online job application for student employment, be certain to check the appropriate semester for which you desire work and your availability.

All available job vacancies will be posted on various bulletin boards throughout the campus and online. If you are interested in any of these listings, come to the Career Services Office (Room C215) for further assistance with your job search.

The procedure that we follow for student work on campus is:

  1. Make certain that the student meets all the criteria and guidelines as specified in Administrative Policy #811 that was established for the purpose of employing student workers.
  2. Review of the student’s application and academic status.
  3. Review of the student’s availability for employment.
  4. Review of the student’s qualifications. If the student’s application matches the necessary job qualifications, we will then send a copy of the application to the department(s) seeking student workers. The department(s) will decide if they want to interview the student by the information given on the application. Since many of our student work positions are secretarial in nature, it is important to include your typing speed, computer experience, and related work history on the application. In addition, make sure that your voice mail is set up on your telephone.