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Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Jun 19
(Juneteenth) -No Classes
Jul 4
(4th of July) - No Classes
Sep 2
(Labor Day) - No Classes
Nov 11
(Veteran's Day) - No Classes
Nov 25 to Nov 30
(Thanksgiving Break) - No Classes

Shared Governance Procedures


Responses to employee comments, SGC meeting minutes, and outcomes of items brought to the SGC will be published on the SGC website. Additionally, individual SGC members may report out directly to their constituency groups, and SGC will report activity and outcomes to the JALC Board of Trustees quarterly, or as needed.

Meeting Quorum

Meetings require a quorum of physically present voting members, defined as 50% or more of currently named voting members. The Communications Chief and Recording Secretary are non-voting members of the SGC. Discussion of individual agenda items may be postponed (in advance or during the meeting) at the discretion of the Chair if key voting members and/or invited guests are not present.

Submitting a Request for SGC Consideration

Individual employees, groups, departments, committees, and taskforces with ideas or issues to discuss with the SGC should submit a Request Form through the SGC webpage. Only requests received by 4:30pm on the Friday preceding the meeting will be considered for addition to the agenda for that month. All requests received after that timeframe will be added to the following month’s agenda, if approved.

Items will be added to the agenda if two-thirds of the SGC votes on the item and a majority of those votes are in favor of adding the item. Items deemed not appropriate will be redirected to the proper operational unit or individual for consideration. Factors to be considered include:

  • Cross-function/institutional implications;
  • Policy/procedure implications;
  • Funding implications;
  • Significant student, employee or community impact.

If an item is not approved for consideration, the appropriate SGC representative will assist the requestor in determining the best alternative course of action to satisfy the issue.


Following a presentation and/or discussion regarding an agenda item presented to SGC, and if a meeting quorum exists, the Council shall vote to make a recommendation or not, affirmed by a majority of those voting. Votes made by SGC Representatives are for recommendation purposes only and not meant as a decision-making action. Recommendations that are endorsed by SGC are presented to President’s Cabinet by the Chair for consideration and action.


Upon receipt of the recommendation, action is taken by the President’s Cabinet in one of three ways:

  • Recommendation affirmed;
  • Recommendation returned to SGC for further study;
  • Recommendation denied.

Should a recommendation be returned for further study or be denied, the rationale for the decision will be provided.

Affirmed recommendations are forwarded by the SGC Chair to appropriate College personnel for implementation and outcomes will be published through the SGC webpage and, in some cases, an Announce email notification.