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Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications

Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications

Jun 19
(Juneteenth) -No Classes
Jul 4
(4th of July) - No Classes
Sep 2
(Labor Day) - No Classes
Nov 11
(Veteran's Day) - No Classes
Nov 25 to Nov 30
(Thanksgiving Break) - No Classes

Media Relations

All media inquiries should be made to the Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications. All communications with the media shall also be coordinated through the Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications. Individuals contacted by the media regarding College related business should immediately refer the media member to the Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications.

The Communications Department prepares news releases based on information provided by the College client and packages this information for placement. To begin the publicity process, one should submit a request for News using the Event Promotion Request form. If other information is available to help with the release send the information (text or photos) to

Contacting the Media

The College President is the official spokesperson for the College. In his or her absence or by direction from the President, the Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications will act as the official spokesperson.

Should a member of the media contact a John A. Logan College employee and ask to speak about John A. Logan College or anything pertaining to the manner in which John A. Logan College has, plans to, or currently conducts its business, the employee shall refer him/her to an authorized spokesperson for the College. In addition, one may refer such individuals to for immediate access to public information about the college.


  1. Plan ahead! The Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications needs sufficient time to review submitted information, write/edit the release, seek approval, if needed, for changes, schedule photography, if needed, and distribute the publicity to selected media.
  2. When does the audience need to know the information? Plan for the release to reach the media three or four weeks before the event. Weekly newspapers have copy deadlines that are usually about five days before publication dates. In addition, publicity that arrives several weeks before an event gets the opportunity to appear in several issues.
  3. Remember these six questions. The rule of thumb for providing info for a press release is to answer these six basic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? For all events, include time and date, cost, location, tickets available, registration information, contact numbers, etc. When writing about students, give students’ hometowns whenever possible. Provide more than enough explanatory copy.
  4. Include plenty of interesting information. Whether the goal is to draw an audience for an event or publicize something already occurring, people need to take notice, so inform the department of any hook or angle to grab interest. More relevant details can create a dramatic release that will attract attention and become a story in print. In addition, good-quality photographs are always appreciated by the media. Not all information or photos will be used, but having more than too little is better.

In the Event of a Crisis or Emergency

When the College President deems a situation to be a crisis, the College will implement the attached Crisis Communication Plan. Communication procedures are highlighted in the plan, as well as standards and expectations for all staff members.

TV Coverage

Please DO NOT personally/independently contact the media.

Television news directors look for visually exciting stories that can be quickly comprehended. If an upcoming event may interest television stations, please let the Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications know so that proper media contact can be initiated that could result in coverage. Keep in mind the following points:

  • All arrangements for interviews or appearances will be handled through the Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications.
  • The Office of Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications can assist in preparing for interviews or appearances with strategy and accompany one to the interview.
  • If contacted by a reporter independently, please refer the reporter to the Assistant Vice President for Marketing Public Relations and Communications
  • Remember, there is no such thing as speaking “off the record.”
  • To avoid having one’s words in print, it is better not to speak in the presence of a reporter or any media source.

Internal Communications

The John A. Logan College Web Site ( offers public information that covers all aspects of John A. Logan College. The main page features the latest news about the College. There is also an Events Calendar for students and staff. If an event or article may be added to any web page, contact the Manager of Digital Media to discuss.


The MyJALC portal is a secure site that provides students, faculty, and administrative staff with Intranet and Internet services. Users log on frequently, making this site a good place to post announcements and email students and/or faculty.


The Logan Connection is the official digital newsletter published quarterly.


The Office of Marking, Public Relations, and Communications can take photos for any JALC events. Under normal circumstances, schedule photography at least one week before an event. Not every event is suitable for photography. We will help evaluate the need and arrange for appropriate coverage. We also will help select the best photos for all purposes and arrange for prints.

Photography Guidelines

  • Although the Department is aware of most campus activities and will have a photographer at most campus events, it is best to contact the Department at least a week before an event if any general or specific photos need to be taken.
  • Shoots will not be scheduled outside of business hours unless they are event-driven or it is necessary to accommodate the schedule of faculty, staff, or students who are not on campus during those hours.
  • Complete a work order through the Events Promotion online form.
  • All requests for photography must be considered legitimate official college business for institutional publicity purposes.

Photo Tips

  • Remember, line-up pictures of people are usually dull, so avoid that format if possible. Action photos are always best.
  • Photos of students are of interest to newspapers. Students’ hometowns should always be identified.
  • Try sharp, high contrast pictures that will reproduce well in print.
  • Provide the names and titles of all the people pictured.
  • Try to avoid shooting towards the sun or bright light.
  • Submit photos digitally in the most original form (camera raw, jpg, tif, or eps) and at the highest resolution.
  • Supply digital photos by email or on a jump drive.
  • Do not submit images copied/downloaded from the web. These images are usually not of the resolution quality necessary for print. Some camera phone pictures will reproduce decent pictures, but using a high-resolution digital camera is best.

Digital Signage

The College has TVs for public viewing to feature upcoming events at John A. Logan College. Requests should be sent through the Event Promotion Form. Requests should be made at least two weeks before the event date.

Email and Texting

All significant announcements will be disseminated to faculty and staff through and to students through

Texting should be reserved for emergency communications. The Federal Communications Commission regulates text messages, and the College will adhere to the guidelines. If you have a question regarding JALC text messages, contact the Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications.

Social Media

Any group/organization requesting to start any social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) on behalf of John A. Logan College must first contact the Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications to inform him/her of the purpose of the social media account and who the administrator will be for the said account. Only current employees of John A. Logan College can be administrators on the account. If a John A. Logan College employee establishes such a social media account, it is the administrator’s responsibility to keep the content fresh and keep anything not related or inappropriate from appearing on the site. If the employee/account administrator discontinues serving as a sponsor of the group. In that case, it is the responsibility of this individual to do one of the following three options:

  1.  Identify a new administrator of the social media account with the understanding that the new administrator is to create new login/password info,
  2. Give the account’s login/password to the campus VP if no new administrator is named. 
  3. Or delete the account if the group/organization is being dissolved.