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Grants and Program Initiatives

Grants and Program Initiatives

Sep 2
(Labor Day) - No Classes
Nov 11
(Veteran's Day) - No Classes
Nov 25 to Nov 30
(Thanksgiving Break) - No Classes
Dec 25
(Christmas Day) - No Classes
Jan 1
(New Year's Day) - No Classes

Internal Approval Forms

Each grant activity phase has associated approval forms that must be completed and sent to the Office of Grants and Program Initiatives. Refer to the grant activity phases here.

  1. Form 1 – Grant Proposal: Fifth step in the Preliminary Phase
  2. Form 2 – Submission Approval: First step in the Application Phase
  3. Form 3 – Award Decision: First step in the Decision Phase

Send Forms to:

Gretchen Cudworth – Grant Manager
Phone: (618) 985-2828 Extension: 8730