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Vendor Registration

John A. Logan College invites your organization to do business with us. All purchases are made following federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines as well as College Board Policy. The College strives to ensure the highest level of professional and ethical purchasing.

The College maintains a comprehensive vendor database. In order to be added to our database, qualified vendors must complete and submit the following items:

  1. Vendor Application Form
    • Download the current Vendor Application Form or obtain the form in person from the Purchasing Department in Room C228. You must DOWNLOAD and SAVE the file first.
    • The document is offered as a Microsoft Word document OR a fillable PDF. You are only required to fill out one of the two.
    • Based on the commodities listed, you will be added to potential bidders list/s.
  2. MBE, FBE, BEPD, SBE, VOB Certification if applicable.
    • Submit current letter of certification.
    • Certification with CMS is the only certification accepted by the College.
    • To certify with the Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP), go to
    • MBE/FBE/BEPD Must be 51% owned & controlled, annual sales < $75 million, citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  3. Tax Information
    • Submit IRS Form W-9.

John A. Logan College is recognized by the federal government and the state of Illinois as a tax-exempt institution. The current State of Illinois Tax Exemption Certificate is valid for the period of 8/11/2020 – 9/01/2025.