John A. Logan College recognizes that an ethnically, racially and culturally diverse composition of students and faculty enhances the education of all students and we, as educators, have a responsibility to provide a variety of learning opportunities which will prepare our students for success in a global environment.

We submit that inclusive excellence extends direct and indirect benefits to our college community through a free exchange of ideas and perspectives, and a deeper empathy and respect for those of different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Our faculty, staff, administration and students are encouraged to support learning by expanding the opportunity and quality of diverse encounters and experiences.

Diverse learning environments positively affect students’ critical thinking skills, their civic commitment, and their preparation for work in a global environment. In order to enrich the lives of those in our community, John A Logan college is committed to the advancement of equity and firmly grounded in allegiance to our core values of service, responsibility, respect, compassion and integrity.

Upcoming Events

Multicultural Perspective Series: Belonging and Creating the Best and Meaningful Community/ies for Success and Viability 
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Past Events

INCLUSIVE EMBRACE: A Paradigm of Universal Design
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
JALC Room E147
PRESENTER: Dr. Bea Awoniyi

World Music & Food Day
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
10am - 2pm
Main Entrance, Skylight Lounge & Conference Center, John A. Logan College