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Starting a New Club

Starting a New Club

  • Step 1: Complete a New Club Request Form and submit it to the Student Life office.
  • Step 2: Upon approval of the Associate Dean for Student Life, further approval signatures will be obtained on the club’s behalf.
  • Step 3: The Associate Dean for Student Life will notify the club advisor of the final approval within six weeks.


  1. The College does not approve sports clubs through the Student Life office.
  2. During the club’s first year of operation, the club will not receive a funding allocation from the College and the club advisor will not receive a stipend. These will begin in the club’s second year after a review of the club’s activity and adherence to policies and procedures.
  3. Mid-Year Report must be submitted to the Student Life office by mid-December of each year.
  4. An Annual Report must be submitted to the Student Life office by late March of each year.
  5. Clubs must follow College policies and procedures and the policies and procedures outlined for clubs through the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Events.

Failure to meet the above rules may result in the termination of the club, support funds, and advisor stipend.