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Congratulations to Logan Defenders student team members Karandeep Bedi, Quinten Bowen, Sydney Cole, Scott Fields, Brandon Meredith, Cody Brown, Jerry Ross, Zachary Scanlon and faculty team leaders, Mark Rogers and Kylee Williams. On Saturday, November 19, 2016, the Logan Defenders won an Invitational Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) hosted by the National Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA). They competed against eight other schools including Baldwin Wallace University, Lake Superior College, Moraine Valley Community College, North Iowa, Northern Kentucky University, Southeast Missouri State University, Waukesha County Technical College, Baker College of Auburn Hills, and Lakeland Community College. The Midwest CCDC printed, “John A. Logan is a relative newcomer to the CCDC and though scores were close among the top six teams, they emerged as the clear winner of the first competing section of nine teams. They were able to outperform four prior Midwest CCDC state winners.”

Here is the mission and objective of CCDC competitions according to the Midwest CCDC:

“Two-year and four-year colleges and universities are putting together their top tech-savvy students to form teams to compete. These teams will build and defend their mock production business infrastructure from professional “hackers” who are given the challenge to take each team’s production systems offline and breach their security. While the teams work hard to fend off “hackers,” the competition judging staff will deploy network enhancement and upgrade challenges to teams, judging team’s performance, scoring and supporting the overall event.”

All of these students are dedicated to learning and have put forth the initiative and commitment to achieve above and beyond traditional classroom academics. Watch for the Logan Defenders to compete again in early 2017. Way to go JALC Logan Defenders!

The Logan Defenders have completed the 2016 Midwest CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) Qualifying Illinois CCDC that was held on February 20, 2016.

The spring semester has ended, the Logan Defenders are recruiting for the 2017 team. Participation during this fall semester in meetings and practice will be mandatory for roster eligibility in the spring. The team meets every Friday at 2pm in B73. Please contact Mark Rogers or Kylee Williams for more information.

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