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The Logan Defenders is a team of John A. Logan College students that specialize in various aspects of network security and compete in National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions with other regional colleges. Each member plays a crucial role in the competition, defending a virtual network against an expert team of hackers. Various members focus on Linux and Windows Servers as well as industry standard Firewalls such as Palo Alto and Cisco. The team leader(s) play the biggest role, organizing the incoming injects and managing the team assignments so each inject is completed on time. The Logan Defenders have competed in the Midwest CCDC Invitational and placed 1st!

The mission of the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) system is to provide institutions with an information assurance or computer security curriculum a controlled, competitive environment to assess their student’s depth of understanding and operational competency in managing the challenges inherent in protecting a corporate network infrastructure and business information systems.

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Hack the Port 22 ELF Edition 2022

Left to Right in the attached picture of the team in Gulfport, MS: Connor Hamby, Nik Lissimore, Roger Jeter (Logan Defenders Coach), Alex Hayes, Tyson Nicklin, and Dustin Myers.

The week of July 25 – July 29, 2022, the Logan Defenders competed in an operational technology cyber defense competition sponsored by the NSA called Hack the Port 22 ELF Edition, held in Gulfport, MS. We were one of only ten schools nation-wide chosen to participate. The two-day competition scenario was securing and maintaining a liquid natural gas pipeline and storage tank at a port. The competition was structured such that teams individually scored points for how they secured, maintained, or restored a system, but were allowed to collaborate and work together to ultimately keep the systems secured and safe. This provided a great learning experience for the team, as the other teams consisted of graduate students and industry professionals, and it was a great opportunity to showcase JALC. What made this experience even better was the fact that the NSA covered 100% of the expenses for participating teams (travel, accommodations, and per diems).

The other competing schools were: Air Force Institute of Technology, Marquette University, Mississippi State University, National University, University of North Carolina Wilmington, University at Buffalo, The University of Texas San Antonio, Purdue University Global, and Howard Community College. 


The Logan Defenders participated in their first Midwest Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition on February 21st, 2015.

The Logan Defenders practiced for months in preparation for the event. Each member focused specifically on the machine/system they were assigned and a project manager role was created to facilitate the incoming injects that are sent out in waves during the competition. Each role on the team is crucial to the defense of the network. Overall the event is judged based on the availability of services, if a service goes down, the machine loses points. The judges also give points for completed injects, and detecting attempted intrusions. The competition is an invaluable experience for students to learn hands-on how important cyber security is in any networked environment.


In 2014, the Logan Defenders Team was created from an active John A. Logan College student organization, Y.O.D.A. (Your Operators Defending Assets) Club. With the help of Coach, Mark Rogers, the team has become what it is today.

2021/2022 Logan Defenders Competition Team