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Center for Information Assurance

Center for Information Assurance

Jan 15
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) - No Classes
Feb 19
(President's Day) - No Classes
Mar 11 to Mar 16
Spring Break - No Classes
Mar 29
(Good Friday) - No Classes
Apr 8
(Special Holiday) - No Classes

Community Outreach

Your Operators’ Defending Assets (YODA)


Y.O.D.A. is a student club from John A. College open to any student or students with interest in computers and technology. Unlike its peer club, Logan Defenders, which is our cyber competition club, Y.O.D.A. focuses on fundraising events and activities that make it possible for the Logan Defenders to have the funds needed to attend competitions, covering travel expenses and participation fees. None of the great things that the Defenders have accomplished would have been possible without the fundraising efforts of Y.O.D.A.

And if that was’t already enough, Y.O.D.A. also gives students further knowledge and experience working within the community and increases the community’s knowledge of computer usage and forensics. If you are interested in joining it, contact the club advisor Kylee Williams.

 The following events have been either organized by Y.O.D.A, were helped by its volunteer work, or were made possible because of the collaboration of its members:

Women in Cybersecurity Chapter (WiCyS) Subgroup of YODA

WiCyS Chapter Logo

This group of gifted students work hard to make the world a better and safer place, by bringing awareness to technology. They work on cyber projects, community service projects, STEM, camps, and a poster project to attend and present at the WiCyS conference every year. This group is not only for women, it is their mission to improve the diversity statistics in the field of technology. To be mentors and to build a community for everyone to partake in.

Advisor for WiCyS is Kylee Williams. Please feel free to email at if you are interested in joining.

WiCyS 2023- Women in Cybersecurity Conference- Denver, CO

The final event at all WiCyS conferences is a group photo. So many of us! Just push play!

WiCyS 2022- Women in Cybersecurity Conference- Cleveland, OH

  • WiCyS Conference 2022
LoganPoolza 2022 Y.O.D.A/WiCyS Table

WiCyS Conference 2023

Our chapter applied for scholarships to attend and eight out of nine students were awarded while one of us was waitlisted. We also submitted the abstract for our poster project this year. If accepted, we will be presenting it at the WiCyS Conference plus, our last member will get a scholarship to go too! Our poster project this year is “A Complete Analysis On The New Possibilities and Dangers Of IoT And It’s Growing Presence In Today’s World

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