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CIS 101 Introduction to Computers This course provides an overview of the computing field and its typical applications. Key terminology and components of computer hardware, application software, and system software (including operating systems) are covered along with the development and management of information systems. Other topics include computer career opportunities, various networks (including the Internet), and World Wide Web technologies. This course also provides students with training in the use of business productivity software, including word processing, database management, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics along with Web browser software.
CIS 200 Network Essentials This course will provide the student with a general background in networking concepts, procedures and skills necessary in a computer network environment. This course is designed to familiarize the student with an overview of network topologies, physical network architecture, various networking operating systems and a brief introduction into Microsoft Active Directory. This class will also provide the student with necessary skills in troubleshooting and help desk topics necessary for the network’s technician and software specialist.
CIS 206 Managing Network Environments This course is designed to give the student knowledge and practical experience in administering a Microsoft Server network. Students will be able to describe the principle features of a network operating system and the networking basics of active directory. Students will gain an understanding of the basic components of an information technology system. The student will work with and troubleshoot in the areas of installation of the network operating system, setting up users and groups, assignment of group policy and permissions of a network. This course will assist the student in preparing for an industry-recognized certification exam.
CIS 208 Security Awareness This course is designed to provide a security awareness overview and emphasize the importance of information systems as well as the home computer system will be covered. Issues will include personal, Internet, and organizational security. Types of security attacks will be discussed, prevention methods will be determined, and recovery plans will be developed. Policies and procedures that will assist in preventing an invasion of privacy will be covered.
CIS 231 Firewalls and VPNs This course examines the major network security tools in use today, with the idea that firewalls are most effective when backed by thoughtful security planning, well-designed security policies, and integrated support from anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, and related tools. Coverage includes packet filtering, authentication, proxy servers, encryption, bastion hosts, virtual private networks (VPNs), log file maintenance, and intrusion detection systems. The course will provide numerous realistic projects and cases incorporating cutting-edge technology and current trends, giving students the opportunity to hone and apply the knowledge and skills they will need as working professionals. Students will also learn about relevant National Institute Standards and Technology guidelines that are used by businesses and information technology professionals.

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CPS 176 Introduction to Computer Programming This course provides an initial exposure to computers and programming, fostering competence in a high-level language via hands-on experience. This course serves as a prerequisite for more intensive study of other high-level languages and lays the groundwork for understanding problem-solving and common programming language constructs. Students will be introduced to structured programming methodologies, syntax and semantics of a popular, high-level programming language, algorithm development, and good programming style guidelines. Students will be expected to complete a variety of programming lab assignments both during scheduled lab times and outside of class. This course is also offered as part of a study abroad program. Contact the International Education Coordinator for more information.

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