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Mary Logan High School at John A. Logan College

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The program’s mission is to provide opportunities for students, who for various reasons have not been successful in the traditional school setting, by providing: academic class that will fulfill high school graduation requirements from their home school district, a program of assessment and counseling in academic, vocational, and life skills areas, and an avenue to develop communication among students, parents, and program staff.

Mary Logan High School at John A. Logan College provides intervention services through: 1) a full-time optional learning opportunity and 2) a credit recovery opportunity to youth with academic problems associated with attendance issues.

Grade of Students Served: 9-12

Age of Students Served: 16-21 Program Sites: John A. Logan College


The program is offered to students who:

  • Are no longer attending regular high school
  • Are at-risk of school failure in their traditional school environment
  • Are between the ages of 16-21 (Full-time optional ed.)
  • Obtain written permission from home/sending high school principal to attend MLHS
  • Are reading at a 9.0 reading level or higher

MLHS offers the following services:

  • An intensive, comprehensive program for dropout/potential drop out youth, including education, counseling, and enrollment in the Early School Leaver Transition Program (ESLTP)
  • An education program allowing students the opportunity to earn credit toward high school graduation
  • A program of counseling and support for students, parents, and staff
  • Assessment and counseling in academic, vocational, and life skill areas
  • Evening and summer Credit Recovery

Final decisions regarding admissions will be made by the John A. Logan College MLHS Staff, following student pre-screening/registration, student and parent interview, and approval/referral from sending high school. For more information contact:

  • Gina Simpkins
  • MLHS Counselor
  • Carterville Campus
  • Office H105
  • (618) 985-3741
  • Extension: 8415
  • Email:


Early School Leaver Transition Program

The Early School Leaver Transition Program (ESLTP) is specifically aimed at helping out of school youth become reoriented and motivated to complete their education by allowing students to participate in adult education instruction as well as career and work training activities. Only those youth who demonstrate a willingness to meet both goals and who are able to benefit from such a program are selected.

The program is offered to students who:

  • Are between the ages of 16 – 24.
  • Are not currently attending traditional high school.
  • Can Perform at grade equivalency (9th grade minimum)
  • Are enrolled full-time at Mary Logan High School at John A. Logan College

The program provides the following services:

  • Assessment and counseling in career and life skill areas.
  • Exploration of post-secondary training options by job or class shadowing.
  • Develop a Career Portfolio.
  • Receive job-search assistance.
  • Earn credit toward high school completion.

For further information contact:

  • Amy Biley
  • ESLTP Coordinator
  • Carterville Campus
  • H Building 107D
  • (618) 985-3741, 549-7335, 937-3438,542-8612, 800/851-4720, or TTY 985-2752
  • Extension 8264