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Instruction/Adjunct Faculty

Instruction/Adjunct Faculty

Nov 10
(Veteran’s Day) No Classes
Nov 20 to Nov 25
(Thanksgiving) No Classes
Jan 15
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) - No Classes
Feb 19
(President's Day) - No Classes
Mar 11 to Mar 16
Spring Break - No Classes


Keys and Textbooks

All keys and textbooks for classes taught by adjunct faculty are distributed from the Office of Instruction/Adjunct Faculty. Adjunct faculty are required to make requests for keys and textbooks to the Administrative Assistants to the Associate Deans.

Mentor Program

All new adjunct faculty instructors are provided a faculty member to act as a mentor through the first semester of instruction. The mentor will work alongside the new adjunct faculty and will provide assistance and support in regards to all aspects of being a faculty member.


All classes not being taught by full-time faculty are staffed by the relative Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Associate Dean of Career and Technical Education. Adjunct teaching assignments are assigned prior to the start of each semester.