Financial Aid information

Appeal Form

Appeal Form

In order for this appeal to be submitted to the Appeal Committee, you must have a completed file in the Financial Aid Office. Extenuating circumstances must exist and be addressed for all semesters in which you failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. All items are required.

Reasons for past performance: (Students appealing for out of hours: Explain why you are over the maximum hours required for a one or two year degree. Students appealing for ineligible or both: Explain your reasoning of withdraws and/or failing grades. Examples would be: illness, death, accident, or a catastrophic events.)

Students are encouraged to contact the Admissions office or your Academic Advisor to ensure an updated curriculum guide for the degree program you are requesting is scanned in WebX. If this is not done the Appeal Committee reserves the right to deny the appeal based on inconclusive information.
The Financial Aid Office will no longer be accepting copies of curriculum guides.

Additional documentation must be submitted by email to the Financial Aid office at

No late appeals or additional documentation will be accepted after the deadline.

You will be notified by email of the committee’s decision and recommendations.