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Campus Police

Campus Police

Mar 11 to Mar 16
Spring Break - No Classes
Mar 29
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Apr 8
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May 27
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Jun 19
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Parking, Traffic, and Smoking Regulations

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Some Major Points to Keep in Mind

  • No parking is allowed on any roadway, drive, sidewalk, or on any grass areas. A $15.00 fine will be assessed to violators.
  • Other no parking areas are marked with no parking signs or yellow painted curbs.
  • Use of parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities requires the displaying of a handicapped parking permit. Violators are subject to a $250.00 fine and towing.
  • Speed limits are 25 mph on roadways and 20 mph in parking areas.
  • Fines must be paid promptly at the Campus Police Department Office located at room E120. Failure to pay fines may result in loss of parking privileges, a “hold” placed on academic papers, or other measures, as prescribed by Board of Trustees Policy.

For more information, please read the following regulations:

Division I – Title, Authority, Purpose, and Enforcement

Section 1-101-Title: These Regulations shall be known as the Traffic and Parking Regulations for John A. Logan College.

Section 1-102-Authority: The regulations contained herein are established under the authority and duty of the Board of Trustees granted by the legislature of the State of Illinois to establish, pursuant to Chapter 122, Section 103-42.2 of the Illinois Revised Statues, Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Section 1-103-Purpose: A. The regulations contained herein, the sanction for violation of the same, and the monetary use charges, are for the purpose of providing and maintaining a safe and uncongested means for the movement and parking of vehicular traffic on the campus of John A. Logan College. B. It is necessary to establish equitable regulations controlling the parking and providing a means whereby individuals with need on parking of the campus will receive priority to the same.

Section 1-104-Effective Date: These regulations are effective for John A. Logan College from and after July 31, 1984.

Section 1-105-Enforcement: It shall be the duty and responsibility of all campus police officers and meter attendants employed at the College, unless otherwise provided herein, to enforce these regulations. Further, police officers for the City of Carterville, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, and all State Police are granted authority to enforce the Rules and Regulations contained herein.

Division II – Coverage, Definitions, and Divisibility

Section 2-101-Coverage, General: A. The regulations contained herein shall apply to all motor vehicles and users thereof, coming upon, or parking on the campus of John A. Logan College, unless otherwise provided herein. Any person who operates or parks a motor vehicle which is operated or parked on John A. Logan College property accepts the obligations for monetary charges imposed by these regulations. B. The provisions of these regulations shall apply to the driver of any vehicle owned or operated by the United States, the State or any County, City, Town, District, public corpoation, or any other political subdivision of this or any other State, except as otherwise provided herein. C. Faculty, staff, or students will be considered the operator and owner and will be responsible for citations issued to a motor vehicle having state registration in the name of any family member unless acceptable evidence to the contrary is presented within five business days of a citation notice. D. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for knowing the regulations governing the operation of vehicles at John A. Logan College, and will be responsible for any violation thereof.

Section 2-102-Definitions: The words and the phrases used in these regulations, for the purpose of these regulations , shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in the Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 95 1/2, Sections 1-101 through 1-219, except where the context otherwise requires.

Section 2-103-Divisibility: Should any division, section, or subsection of these regulations be declared unconstitutional or void by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of these regulations shall remain in effect. Under such circumstances, the president or his duly delegated representative shall have the authority to establish a new division, section, or subsection for that which has been declared void or unconstitutional, without resubmission to the board, in order to give full force and effect to the intent and the purpose of these regulations. New divisions, sections, or subsections, shall be submitted to the board for ratification as soon thereafter as possible.

Section 2-104-The Illinois Vehicle Code: All laws of the State of Illinois concerning vehicles and their operation, including but not limited to the Illinois Vehicle Code, are hereby incorporated in these regulations as if reproduced herein in full. Pursuant thereto, the postings of signs regulating traffic and parking by the Campus Police Office shall be deemed to have been duly done by local authority as therein defined.

Section 2-105-Speed Limit: The speed limit on campus roads or drives shall be 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. The speed limit while traveling in a parking lot shall be 20 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

Section 2-106-Obedience to Traffic Signs: Every person shall obey the instructions of any traffic-controlled device, sign or notice, unless otherwise directed by a traffic control officer.

Division III – Motor Vehicle Registration


Division IV – Parking

Section 4-101-Parking in General: No person in any way affiliated with the College or any activity or organization operating on the property belonging to or under the control of the College, whether as a student, or as an employee shall park any vehicle, nor shall any vehicle which (s)he owns be parked on College property except in areas designated by sign. Section 4-102-Authorized Parking Space: Parking in any location other than an authorized parking lot constitutes a violation of these regulations. No parking is permitted on any campus street or College office driveway unless otherwise directed by a traffic control officer or by duly posted signs.

Section 4-104-Persons Not Affiliated with the College: Unless otherwise provided herein, persons unaffiliated with the College shall park motor vehicles in authorized parking spaces.

Section 4-105-Prohibited Parking: No person shall park a vehicle, unless directed by a traffic control officer: 1. In a location other than an authorized parking lot or space. 2. In a location prohibited by a sign or marking. 3. In a marked loading zone for a period longer than the allotted time. 4. On or over the yellow line or outside the lines of individually marked parking spaces. The fact that one motor vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space is not an acceptable excuse for another operator to do the same. 5. On walks or grass. 6. In a driveway unless marked and posted. 7. So as to block a crosswalk. 8. So as to block cars legally parked. 9. On a campus street or driveway except where posted. 10. By backing into a perpendicular parking space. 11. In a metered space when time is expired.

Section 4-106-No Person Shall Park a Vehicle: 1. So as to block a wheelchair ramp. 2. In designated handicapped parking spaces unless a State Handicap License has been issued, or a temporary handicapped permit has been obtained through the College Campus Police.

Section 4-107-Other Violations: College police officers, along with other officers designated in Section 1-105, may issue State of Illinois citations for any offenses under Chapter 95 1/2, Paragraphs 11-100 through 11-1507.1, otherwise known as the Rules of the Road.

Division V – Sanctions and Monetary Use Charges

Section 5-101-General: Any person or vehicle found in violation of these regulations shall be subject to one or more of the following: 1. A monetary use charge as provided in Section 5-102 of this division. 2. Referral of the matter to the appropriate College official for internal disciplinary action. 3. Revocation of parking privileges. 4. Removal of vehicle at owner’s expense. Section 5-102-Monetary Use Charges: The vice-president for Business Services, or his designee, shall have authority to impose a monetary use charge in addition to the sanctions listed in Sections 5-101 and 5-104 of this division as established below: 1. False or deceptive practice in obtaining parking privileges of $25.00 to each person. 2. Violation of any of the provisions of Section 4-105 will result in a monetary charge of $15.00. 3. Violation of any of the provisions of Section 4-106 will result in a monetary charge of $50.00.

Section 5-103-Imposition of Sanctions and of Monetary Use Charges: The vice-president for Business Services is authorized to impose or cancel sanctions for violation of these regulations, refer the matter to internal disciplinary action, impose a monetary use charge, or any combination of the above.

Section 5-104-Revocation of Parking Privileges: The vice-president for Business Services shall have the authority to revoke the parking privileges of any individual who: 1. Is ticketed and sanctioned, or charged a monetary use fee, on three separate occasions during any academic year for violating these regulations. 2. Is found guilty of reckless driving under Section 11-503, Chapter 95 1/2 of the Illinois Revised Statutes while driving a vehicle on this campus. 3. Is found guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol under Section 11-501, Chapter 95 1/2 of the Illinois Revised Statutes while driving a vehicle on this campus. 4. Has his or her operator’s license revoked by the State of Illinois. 5. Fails to appear before the vice-president for Business Services or his designee on a ticket received for violation of these regulations. 6. Fails to pay a monetary use charge assessed.

Section 5-105-Failure to Pay Monetary Use Charge: A. Notwithstanding any provisions of these regulations, any person who is an employee of the College or the State of Illinois, who fails to pay a monetary use charge as set forth in these regulations will be subject to having such monetary charge owed to the College deducted from the sums due to such employee from the College or State. B. Notwithstanding any provisions of these regulations, any student who fails, refuses, or neglects to pay a monetary use charge as set forth in these regulations will be subject to an administrative hold being placed on that student’s registration, or the withholding of grades or transcripts, until such time as the amount is paid to the cashier.

Section 5-106-Payment: A. Payment for all violations may be made in person or by mail to John A. Logan College, Carterville, Illinois 62918. The telephone number is 618-985-2828. Checks are payable to John A. Logan College and the license plate number of the vehicle should be placed on the lower left of the check. It is not advisable to send cash through the mail.

Division VI – Review (Appeal Process)

Section 6-101-Right to Review: A. Any person seeking review of a monetary use charge, towing charge, or loss of parking privilege must report to the College Police department Office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., within five business days immediately following the imposition of the same. The person seeking review shall specify in writing the reasons he or she feels that the sanctions are inappropriate. The vice-president for Business Services, or his or her designee, shall review the material and advise the person, in writing, of the decision. B. Anyone who fails to pursue his or her review, waives the right to the same, and shall be subject to the monetary use charge and sanctions otherwise herein provided.

Division VII – Miscellaneous

Section 7-101-Revenue: All revenues derived as a result of these regulations shall be paid into the Auxiliary Services Fund. Such fund is to be used for costs, including operation of the Parking Division, hearing office, construction renovation, and maintenance, or operations connected with campus streets, drives, roads, and bicycle ways and with parking and traffic control of motor vehicle and bicycles on the campus of John A. Logan College, and requests for approval of expenditures should indicate the recommendation of the Traffic and Parking Committee. Section 7-102-Future Covenants: These regulations shall not preclude any future covenants to the contrary in bond indentures or bond resolutions for wholly or partially self-liquidating construction or acquisition projects.

Smoking Regulations

Facilities and property owned or controlled by John A. Logan College are established as smoke-free effective July 1, 2015. Smoking is permitted under this policy and the Smoke Free Campus Act in personal automobiles only. For purposes of this policy and the Smoke Free Campus Act, the use of “E-Cigarettes” is strictly prohibited unless within a personal automobile.

Full Board Policy: Smoking Regulations – Board Policy 3366

Smoke Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64)

Drug Free School Act of 1989

The requirements of the 1989 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, (DFSCA), Public Law 101-226,20 U.S.C. 1011i as articulated in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) Part 86,1 —the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Regulations state;

Cannabis use or possession is illegal to students and employees on any college or university campus in the United States, if that college or university receives federal funds and /or any students receiving federal financial aid are barred from using cannabis on campus.