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Jun 19
Holiday (Juneteenth) No Classes
Jul 4
Holiday (Independence Day) No Classes
Sep 4
Holiday (Labor Day) No Classes
Oct 5
Faculty & Staff Engagement Day No Classes
Nov 10
Holiday (Veteran’s Day) No Classes

HLC Steering Committee

Melanie Pecord, Susan May, and Lora Hines


Criterion 1: Kay Fleming; Ext. 8417
Criterion 2: Steve O’Keefe; Ext. 8569
Criterion 3: Jennifer Jeter; Ext. 8177 and Christy McBride; Ext. 8496
Criterion 4: Mikeal Kos; Ext. 8235 and Susan May; Ext. 8428
Criterion 5: Barry Hancock; Ext. 8202 and Lora Hines; Ext. 8461
Federal Compliance: Sherry Summary; Ext. 8257