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Snack Locker

The JALC Snack Locker located in room C200C is grant funded through the Foundation office. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to visit the locker during campus hours to get on-the-go breakfast options, microwavable lunch options, snacks, and drinks while they are on campus. There are bags available for the items as well as disposable silverware. Contact any of the following individuals for access to the snack locker.


Cathrine Hoekstra – C203A Ext. 8075

Francie Morhet – C203B Ext. 8041

Donnie Winget – C219B Ext. 8030

Nikki Brooks – C218A Ext. 8516

Adrienne Barkley Giffin – C214 Ext. 8287

Heather Chandler – C201 Ext. 8386

Rachel Sveda-Webb – C207 Ext. 8275

Snack Locker
Snack Locker located in C200C