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I2P2 (Injury & Illness Prevention Program)

The I2P2 Safety Committee has purchased a new online Material Safety Data Sheet program that will allow employees and First Responders to access the SDS sheet online.

View Our Material Safety Data Sheet Program

Safety Videos

Holiday shopping safety

Fire Safety In The Workplace

How to stay healthy in the office during peak flu season

Melted Plugs and Outlets

Slips, Trips & Falls – The Fatal Half Inch – Safety Training Video – Trip & Fall Prevention

Preventing slips, trips and falls starts with understanding what causes them, and this video explains the most common, and most surprising, cause of trips and falls, something that almost everyone has in common, but fail to realize.

Water Safety in Pools & Spas

Two of the important recommendations from this safety video—swim lessons & CPR certification—can be completed right here at John A. Logan College.