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Fraud and Ethics Violation Reporting

The John A. Logan College Board of Trustees has established policies to communicate and enforce its commitment to ethical behavior and the safe reporting of fraud. These include protection for the individual reporting fraud, unlawful, unethical and other types of improper behavior. In order to insure anonymity of the reporter, this whistleblower hotline is made available through Lighthouse Services, Inc. Our Ethics policy statement and our Fraud Prevention and Whistleblower Protection policy statement are available through this site. This hotline is NOT a substitute for routine communications between employees and their supervisors, particularly as to workplace duties. Likewise, it does not replace communications with HR staff about benefit issues or other job related issues.

Our commitment to do the right thing extends to our business partners and community. This whistleblower hotline is an additional communication tool for specific types of situations and it is provided because we believe it is a good business practice to do so. Regular business matters not requiring anonymity should be directed to the appropriate departmental supervisor and should not be submitted using this service.

John A. Logan College
(618) 985-8340

Click the Button Below to Report Fraud or Ethics Violations: