N - Alphabetical Directory

Name & Department Phone & Location
Naegele, Chris – Director of Facility Services
Facility Scheduling
Email: chrisnaegele@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Nagle, Lisa – Administrative Assistant III
Center for Workforce Development
Email: lisanagle@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8510
Location: H202
Namazi, Azita – Instructor of Mathematics
Business / Computer Science / Mathematics
Email: azitanamazi@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8883
Location: B71D 01
Neace, Kim – Administrative Assistant V to the Dean for Community Education
Continuing Education
Email: kimneace@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8248
Location: H104
Nenonen, Ashley – Instructor of Allied Health
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: ashleynenonen@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8844
Neville, Kristy – Admissions Specialist III - Continuing Education
Email: kristyneville@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8297
Location: C201
Newberry, Valerie – Instructor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: valerienewberry@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8622
Location: G219A
Newburn, Rebecca – Instructor of Music
Communications / Humanities / Social Science
Email: rebeccanewburn@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8654
Location: B36
Newman, Benjamin – Instructor of Criminal Justice
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: benjaminnewman@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8720
Location: Guest box
Njuguna, Wanjiku – Financial Aid Specialist IV
Financial Aid
Email: wanjikunjuguna@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8308
Location: C210
Norman, Toni – Supervising Dentist
Allied Health and Public Services
Email: toninorman@jalc.edu
Phone / Extension: 8690
Location: D174