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Allied Health and Public Service

Allied Health and Public Service

Jan 15
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) - No Classes
Feb 19
(President's Day) - No Classes
Mar 11 to Mar 16
Spring Break - No Classes
Mar 29
(Good Friday) - No Classes
Apr 8
(Special Holiday) - No Classes

Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP)

The Interpreter Preparation Program prepares graduates to work as ASL/English interpreters in education and other settings.

What is an interpreter?

An interpreter is a person who is fluent in two or more languages and can render a message from one language to another, conveying the meaning and intent of the speaker. English-American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters listen to a spoken English message and give the same message in ASL, a visual spatial language, or watch an ASL message and deliver the same message in spoken English.

The Interpreter Preparation Program offers a number of options for students wishing to study American Sign Language (ASL).


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