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Large Crowds Attend JALC Graduation Ceremonies

Published on May 11, 2023

Over Two Hundred students participated in graduation ceremonies at John A. Logan College on Thursday, May 11. The College held commencement on the John A. Logan College campus for the first time since the pandemic. To accommodate the large crowd, two ceremonies were held. Transfer program students graduated at 5 PM, and Applied Science students graduated at 7:30 PM.

Student Speakers were Josh Sparks and Jeremiah Brown. Both students spoke of obstacles in their lives and how they, and many of the graduating students, had overcome challenges.

“John A. Logan College let me be me,” said Starks. “In sixteen months’ time, I went from homeless, to graduating, to now working at the College. I could not have done it without the outpouring of support of all the faculty and staff.”

Brown spoke of his journey from the streets of Chicago to graduating with honors in automotive technology. Along the way, he became a leader on campus, serving on the student senate and representing the student body on the Board of Trustees. Brown will continue his studies at SIU in the fall.

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and advertising executive Tim Miles of Springhill, Tennessee, was recognized as the 2023 Distinguished Alumni. Miles reminded the graduates that they truly are miracles and encouraged students to focus on the importance of being nice.

John A. Logan College President Dr. Kirk Overstreet congratulated the graduates and reminded them that their journey is only beginning.

“We are here to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our graduates. When your journey at Logan began, you came with open minds and bright hope for the future. During this journey, you have worked hard and studied; you’ve been tested and pushed to reach your greatest heights. Now, your time here has ended, but your journey is far from its end,” said Overstreet. “You will continue to learn and to grow. You will continue developing your critical thinking and attain new skills for the rest of your life.”

Overstreet closed the ceremonies by thanking the graduates for allowing John A. Logan College to be part of their journey. 

“All of us at Logan are grateful to have been part of your path; what a privilege to experience this journey with you,” said Overstreet. “To the graduates, I would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments. This is your night to celebrate with family and friends, take a breath, and prepare for the next steps in what I hope will be a lifelong pursuit of learning and growth. When you receive your certificate or associate degree and become a John A. Logan Alum, you will join the many southern Illinoisans that have come before you. You are in good company.”

Students and crowd at graduation