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Students Offered Pass/Fail Option for Spring 2020 Semester

Published on May 19, 2020

In light of the circumstances surrounding the College’s response to the COVID19 pandemic during the spring 2020 semester, students will be given the opportunity to choose a Pass/Fail grade option on a course-by-course basis for the semester. Following our process for course approval, and in keeping with our accreditation standards, the College passed a COVID-19 emergency grade proposal. The procedure for students is as follows:

Faculty will assign grades for each course in accordance with the traditional grading scale. Once grades are posted, students will have until the completion of the fall semester on December 11, 2020, to decide whether to keep the assigned grade or replace passing grades of A, B, C, or D with a grade of “P” for passing.

Please note the following considerations when selecting the Pass/Fail grade option. Passing or “P” grades:

In order to select this option, students will need to follow the link to the Pass/Fail Grade Option Form(On this page). Students must note their desire to choose the pass/fail option for each course. If students have questions concerning the process or possible questions related to transferability, they are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor for assistance.

Click here to access the Pass/Fail Grade Option Form