The JALC Library offers a variety of services for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members.

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How do I borrow materials from The Library?

A JALC Library card is required to borrow materials. Students, Staff, Faculty, and in-district Community Members are eligible for an account. Please note that a library account is not automatically generated for students, faculty and staff; you must visit The Library to create an account. To register, please bring a valid photo ID. Students will also need their JALC ID.

Patrons cannot use another patron’s card or pick up materials for another patron unless explicit written consent is given to the Library.

JALC Library cards will not work at your local public library, and vice versa; though SHARE libraries share materials, public libraries and academic libraries use separate cards.

The loan period for print materials from our stacks is 3 weeks for Students and Community Members, and 4 weeks for Faculty and Staff. Please note that some materials are in-library use only, and that SHARE materials have varying loan periods.

What materials are available through The Library?

Course Reserves

The Library holds Course Reserve materials donated by Faculty and Staff behind the circulation counter. Course Reserves may or may not be the current edition. Not all required course materials are available. Course Reserves loan periods vary and are non-renewable in order to maximize access for all students; please note that many Course Reserves are in-library use only. Please know your course abbreviation(s) when requesting Course Reserves.

The Stacks

The Library stacks include books, government documents, magazines, newspapers, and videos (See "Videos").

Magazines only circulate to Faculty/Staff. Reference books and newspapers are in-library use only.


The Library also holds videos that support JALC curriculum. There are two video collections.

One video collection is out in The Stacks (by the magazines) for patrons to browse. They can be checked out of The Library for one week. This collection also contains some popular titles.

The second video collection is held behind the circulation desk. This collection circulates only to Faculty/Staff, though Students may request for a video to be sent to the Learning Lab for viewing. Faculty/Staff can also request for videos to be sent to the Learning Lab for Student viewing. It may take up to 24 hours to process requests.

All patrons can request many popular video titles through the SHARE system (See "From Other Libraries").

From Other Libraries

The JALC Library is part of the SHARE consortium, which increases the number of materials available to JALC Library patrons by allowing borrowing from other libraries. Please note that libraries set the lending policies for their own materials; hence, loan periods as well as what items can be circulated, held, and renewed through SHARE varies. New items, audiobooks, and videos are the material types most affected. Delivery times vary; average wait time is 3-7 days.

If a resource is unavailable through SHARE, Students and Faculty/Staff can request it through CARLI ILL by filling out a book request form or an article request form. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. We will contact you if your requested item cannot be found in the system.

Patrons will receive an e-mail when their item has arrived. If the held item is not picked up, we will call you before sending the item back.

Electronic Resources

JALC provides access to eBooks and databases. These electronic resources are accessible to all on-campus patrons through the Library’s main page. Students and Faculty/Staff can also access databases off-campuss much in the same way they do on-campus.

If you are a Student or Faculty/Staff accessing databases off-campus, simply click on the link for the database you wish to use. You will be automatically directed to a login page, prompting you to enter your Logan credentials:

STUDENTS: Student ID# (i.e. 1234567) OR Volmail Address (i.e.

Faculty/Staff: Use your Logan Email Address (i.e.

How do I search for materials?

All available SHARE materials (including JALC) are accessible through the Library catalog.

For Course Reserves, please contact us. Please have your course abbreviation(s) ready.

How do I request, renew, and return materials?


Patrons can request item holds over the phone, at the library, or via their library account online. You will be sent an automated e-mail when your item is ready for pickup. We will call you before sending items back.


Patrons can renew their items over the phone, at The Library, or via their library account online. Items are renewed for a new loan period beginning on the date on which they were renewed.

Items on hold by another patron cannot be renewed. Please note that some SHARE and ILL items may not be eligible for renewal.


Items may be returned at The Library or the book drops. We can accept any SHARE item. There are two book drops on campus; one in the front parking lot, and one just outside The Library entrance.

What about fines?

Fines accumulate when materials are not returned on time; fees accrue when materials are damaged or lost. Patrons cannot check out materials if they have accrued over $150.00 in charges.

JALC Library materials from the stacks accrue a 10¢ fine per item per day late. In-library use Course Reserves accrue a $1.00 fine per hour late; all other Course Reserve accrue a $5.00 fine per day late.

Faculty/Staff do not accrue fines, though overdue reminders will still be sent through mail. If Faculty/Staff notice a fine on their account, please contact us and we will remove it. Faculty/Staff are still responsible for fees associated with the replacement of lost or damaged items.

Note to Students: college transcript and course registration access are restricted until charges are paid.

Payment of Fines and Fees

Charges are payable at the Library. We cannot accept card payments, though patrons may pay with a card through the Bursar’s Office (Room C213).

Can I print/copy/scan/fax at The Library? Do you have stamps?

Printing, copying, and scanning

The Library provides a self-service printer/copier/scanner machine for users. The machine accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards (no cash). Your financial institution may place a hold or additional fees on your card, for which The Library is not responsible.

Printing and copying is 10¢ per page. Double-sided print and copy jobs are 20¢ per sheet (as a double-sided sheet is two pages). Color printing/copying is not available in The Library. Color scanning is free. Scanning requires a storage device; the circulation desk provides flash drives for patron use (in-library use only).

If you need assistance in operating the machine, please see Library staff.

Note to Faculty/Staff: The Library does not offer free printing/copying to Faculty/Staff. The Library cannot charge departments for the printing/copying of college-related materials. Please refer to Campus Support Services for Faculty/Staff printing policies.


Students and all other patrons can fax using the web service FaxZero. The service is free up to 3 pages (plus cover page); the cost is $1.99 for 4 pages or more, with a maximum number of 25 pages.

Faculty/Staff faxing is available in select departments only. Visit the JALC Contact Us page for a list of departments with faxing. Please ask permission from the department before you use their fax number.

Faculty/Staff can access a generic fax cover page via Sharepoint under the Forms tab in the General Documents category.


We do not have stamps in The Library. Stamps are available for purchase, either individually or whole books, at The John A. Logan College Bookstore.

Can you help me with my research?

Reference Librarians are available to help you with your research – just contact us.

There are also general and specific Research Guides for your use.


We would love to hear from you! If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. If you would like to make a purchase suggestion, please fill out the purchase suggestion form.

For Faculty/Staff

Library Instruction and Tours

We offer course-related instruction, tours, and online materials designed to teach students about information access and use. Please note that we need require weeks advance notice to provide services that will be most beneficial to your classes. Please fill out this form:


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Your Form has been submitted.

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Please verify that all information is correct and that all reCAPTCHA text is keyed correctly.

Research Guides

Contact us if you would like a Reference Librarian to create a research guide specific to your subject, class, or assignment.

Course reserves

If you would like to place an item in Course Reserves, please bring the item to The Library circulation desk. You will be asked to complete a form specifying its intended usage; The Library will then process the item(s) and shelf them behind the Circulation Desk. Be aware it may take up to 72 hours to process Course Reserves.

Conference Room Reservation

The Library welcomes Faculty/Staff use of Library space, including our Conference Room. Faculty/Staff can request Conference Room reservations for administrative and educational use. Reservation times are available throughout regular business hours and reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation or have any questions regarding the Conference Room.