"We are a diverse learning and teaching community committed to improving individual life and society through high-quality, accessible educational programs and engaged learning opportunities."


  • To foster an environment where diverse individuals, groups, and views are valued.
  • To provide programs and services for lifelong learning that create and enhance opportunities for achieving career and personal goals in a changing society.
  • To serve with integrity and accountability as a model of institutional excellence.
  • To offer affordable programs and services enhanced by technology in an accessible and safe learning and working environment.
  • To be a center for intellectual, economic, cultural, and recreational resources for individuals and communities.

Core Values


Student Learning Outcomes

The faculty and staff of John A. Logan College are committed to providing students with opportunities to develop learning abilities that will last a lifetime. Graduates will be prepared to succeed in their personal and professional lives because of achieved competence in the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Communication: Students express thoughts, ideas, and feelings in both written and oral modes.
  2. Critical Thinking: Students apply a rational and methodical approach to problem solving based on use of appropriate evidence.
  3. Cultural and Global Awareness: Students demonstrate an understanding of the influence of culture and society.
  4. Information Literacy: Students locate, evaluate, retrieve, organize, create, and disseminate information.
  5. Quantitative Reasoning: Students use and understand numbers to interpret, evaluate, and express information in quantitative terms.
Board of Trustees
Donald L. Brewer, Chair
Mr. William Kilquist, Vice-Chair
Mr. Jacob "Jake" Rendleman, Secretary
Dr. Glenn Poshard
Ms. Cheryl Graff
Ms. Jaclyn Hancock
Dr. Ray Hancock
Christine Lipe, Student Trustee
Officers of the College
Dr. Ron House, President
Mr. Brad McCormick, Vice-President for Business Services and College Facilities
Melanie Pecord, Acting Vice President for Instructional Services