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Shared Governance

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Employee Comments and Responses

Date ReceivedSummary of CommentResponse
May 31, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “What is the reasoning behind changing director level professional jobs to managers or assistant managers at a lower starting salary? Specifically, why was the Director of Advisement position changed to an Assistant Manager starting at only $5,000 more than a starting advisor. Is this what Dr. Overstreet was referring to when he mentioned flattening things out to financially compensate the new hires and job promotions at the Dean and Associate Dean Levels?
If there is now a salary cap on positions and we are eliminating opportunities for professionals to be promoted and move up, not just by title, but by salary, what is the incentive for employees to stay at JALC or what is the incentive for new hires? We have asked colleagues at both SIUC and Rend Lake College and we’re told they do not cap salaries. Are there any positions on campus, including the president’s that does not have a salary cap?
We have lost many good, long time employees over the past few years and the concern is that this will continue if there is no room for advancement along with capped salaries. Should employees not be awarded for the years of dedication and service?”.
In the past, there were several Student Affairs departments that were small, often with just a Director and an Administrative Assistant. Additionally, the salaries for Directors varied widely and were inconsistent from department to department. One goal of the Student Affairs restructuring is to consolidate like functions under larger umbrellas to create teams that can collaborate and provide business continuity that did not exist in the old structure. Academic Advisement plays a large role in the recruitment and retention of students, so it is becoming part of the College Readiness umbrella. To provide an opportunity for newer internal applicants to gain leadership experience, the position is currently an Assistant Manager. The functions of the current Director of Academic Advisement will be split between the Assistant Manager and Director of College Readiness. The new salary ranges allow for the chosen applicant to start anywhere between the minimum and the mid-point of that salary range based on education and experience. The new hiring levels create the potential for supervisors to request for employees to move up within the same level based on expanded job duties and responsibilities, additional education and professional training, and/or experience gained over time. The new structure actually allows more opportunity for advancement rather than less. Regarding the salary range maximums, should an employee reach the maximum, they will receive a stipend of the raise for that year rather than the amount being added to their base, but this should be a rare occurrence. Next year, we will review the levels and maximums as we will do every two years and make adjustments as needed to remain competitive with our peers.
May 2, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “Just a comment…I think it was terrible that the college did not celebrate the men’s basketball team winning the National Championship. Poor planning on all involved! The community is disappointed and I am as well.”.Our intent was never to disappoint the community as we appreciate all the support of our Athletic program. A “Welcome Home” celebration was held at the College on the day the team returned from the National Tournament. The team was also honored with a dinner at Giant City State Park. A decision was made to forgo any other type of celebration due to the time constraints of our players taking college campus visits as well as making sure every member of the team could be present if any other type of event was held.
March 29, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “I must confess I’m not sure why the college allows bibles to be handed out with such regularity during school hours. Is it truly necessary for the college to allow the inundation of students with religious materials in an educational environment meant for intellectual growth and diversity? I know for a fact the school would be singing a different tune if it were a Muslim or Hindu group handing out the Quran or Vedas.”.We agree that JALC is an educational environment meant for intellectual growth and diversity. As such, and also because we are a public institution, it is our responsibility to allow exposure to different experiences and ideas on our campus. This means that all religious groups are permitted here, if they request it, as long as they are respectful while they are here. We are currently vetting an option to create a free speech space on campus. If someone on campus feels pressured or harassed by a person or group providing information or materials or if you know of a person or group who was not permitted on campus after placing a request, please contact the Assistant Provost of Student Affairs.
March 16, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “Grant staff have to use their vacation time each year, and until they have been here 10 years, it does not roll over. I am curious why that is. Our grant, specifically, is an ongoing grant and not awarded annually. Furthermore, why is 10 years a magic bullet?
I am also curious about where this is written in policy currently?”. The commenter recommended, “Explore reasons behind this policy and work to find a more equitable solution.”.
Per Board Policy 7171, Grant Personnel, section 6: “Upon completion of ten (10) years of continuous full-time employment, grant personnel may begin accruing vacation time according to board policy for non-grant personnel”.  All Board Policies are available on the College’s website.

Grant funds are known as soft dollars and not institutional funds.  Grants generally do not permit the budgeting for payment of lump sum expenses such as vacation payouts. 

We do not know who selected the number of years written in Policy 7171, as it is an older policy.  We assume that at the time ten years was a benchmark leading to some retirement fringe benefits, and with ten years of continuous service the staff members were considered long-term employees. 
March 8, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “I have a major concern with the direction our campus is headed safety wise. The current administration is clearly anti police, even though the president is doing everything he can to get a police academy on campus. More police keep leaving but are being replaced by security guards. Who, by the way have no way to defend themselves or anyone on campus. I would like to know why there’s a push to get rid of our police department and why they have been discouraged to do their jobs? This has not been the case on campus until Dr Overstreet was hired. I’m tired of feeling unsafe on campus, especially at night.”. The commenter recommended, “Hire more police and let them do their jobs. Sweeping issues under the rug will only make things worse.”.Below is a response to the inquiry sent to Shared Governance regarding the JALC Police Department from our Chief of Police, Allan Willmore. 
JALC is committed to the safety of our students, staff, and faculty. The JALC Police Department has always included a mix of security guards and sworn police officers. These police officers, security guards, and police interns work during the day and evening hours seven days a week. We will work to fill vacancies in both sworn police officers and security professionals to maintain a balanced staffing level. In fact, we are sending a currently employed security guard to the police academy this fall to cover a recent resignation. The police department is working with the JALC IT department to install and test panic buttons throughout campus. In addition to these physical buttons, we are working to install software on computers in every classroom that will allow instructors to send for police assistance with the click of their mouse. In combination with these additions, the college has committed to renovating the PA system, adding more cameras to the already extensive video security system, and providing ALICE/Active shooter training to departments across campus. 
Allan Willmore
Chief, John A. Logan College Police Department 

Below is a response to the inquiry sent to Shared Governance regarding the JALC Police Department from our College President, Dr. Kirk Overstreet.
I, The Board of Trustees, and my administration are committed to maintaining the JALC Police Department and will continue to work with our Chief to have an equal mix of police and security professionals to ensure the safety of our community. 
March 3, 2022A comment was submitted stating, “The President of John A. Logan College mentioned on public radio that the college will no longer have a Police Academy on campus.
Are we going to continue hiring police officers or does this mean we are moving to security?

Security guards don’t carry guns. The security guards cannot defend themselves, the students, faculty and staff members on campus. If a student or a community member comes on campus with a gun, the guard will not be able to stop the shooter from shooting students and/or employees. The entire campus will have to wait for the local police department to arrive on campus. In the meantime, multiple people could be shot and/or killed. One of the college’s Core Values is “Student-Centered” and this new procedure is not following that value. This is not considering the students of John A. Logan College and their want/need to feel safe on campus. A student or community member could notice that this campus has less police officers and that alone could encourage that person to bring a weapon, with a motive to harm people on campus. This is a concern and safety issue for everyone that is present on campus.”
This is not the case at all. The comment on the radio was regarding the creation of a Police Academy and Training Center for southern Illinois. Our police force on campus is a mix of sworn police officers and campus safety officers. The College has no intention of changing this practice, and it is not tied to the work we are doing to build a training center. We are still hiring police officers and will continue to have a fully functioning police department.
March 2, 2023A comment was submitted asking, “Has there been any movement on the hospitality degree/cert in a while? I haven’t heard anything being mentioned about it, and when someone from the community asked me about it, I didn’t have any advice/deadlines for it?”.The Associate in Applied Science in Hospitality Management and Hospitality Management Operations Certificate have been approved by ICCB (Illinois Community College Board). We are currently awaiting approval from HLC (Higher Learning Commission). The anticipated start for these programs will be fall 2023.
March 1, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “What motivates the college’s almost exclusive focus on promoting transfer to SIUC when there exist alternative options, such as out-of-state institutions? Additionally, while the Saluki Step Ahead program receives much acclaim, and perhaps rightly so, it applies solely to six online programs offered by SIUC when there are over fifteen available. Consequently, I find it challenging to discern the pragmatic advantages of such a close association with SIUC that could be interpreted as even nepotistic.”. The commenter recommended, “Lessen the empasis on SIUC and encourage students to explore a wider array of options for when they graduate”.SIUC is the most common transfer institution for JALC students, so we provide information regarding SIUC because that’s what is helpful and pertinent for many of our students. With that said, advisors do not specifically promote SIUC during advisement and intentionally have very individualized conversations with students based on their major and a variety of other factors. To help students learn more about their transfer options, we host table visits from all schools who request it. In addition to SIUC, this spring we are hosting, McKendree, SEMO, and Murray, just to name a few. We host a transfer fair in the fall where many schools are available to discuss transfer options with our students. Additionally, we notify our students by email when transfer institutions have free application drives to encourage them to apply.

We have articulation agreements with 4-year institutions to ease transfer for our students. We have several with SIUC because they have been reaching out recently to create more agreements with us, but other institutions, such as McKendree have been setting up many new agreements with us as well. In addition to SIUC and McKendree, we have agreements with Eastern, Middle State Georgia, Missouri University of Science and Technology, National Louis University, Governors State, Western Illinois, U of I – Chicago, and SIUE as well as pending agreements with SEMO, Murray State, Tennessee Tech, and Logan University. Students can find more information regarding our articulation agreements here, and if they do not find a school/program listed that they are interested in, their advisor can inform Academic Affairs. Their staff will reach out to the school/program to determine the feasibility of a new agreement. To better inform students of the articulation agreements available, we have added links to the articulation agreements to our new pathways documents, which can be found here.
January 17, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “The basketball tailgate was a great idea! It would be nice to be able to do something similar for baseball and softball in the spring.”.We really enjoyed the tailgate too and appreciate your feedback and suggestion for a similar baseball/softball event. We have scheduled March 28  from 12-2pm for a baseball/softball tailgate (weather permitting). Our baseball and softball teams both play at home that day, at 2:00pm and 3:00pm, respectively. We are hoping for a great turnout from our campus community and will be emailing out additional details soon. Also, College Readiness & Student Life welcomes more suggestions regarding ways we can connect with our JALC students and colleagues. Keep the ideas coming!
January 13, 2023A comment was submitted stating, “Why do we start our semesters so early? Several students said they didn’t realize classes started this week. SIU starts the day after MLK Day every year and ends the same week as JALC. Why do we have class an extra week? I believe we would have students drop at SIU and come take classes at JALC if we started the same week.” The commenter recommended, “Start spring semester classes the day after MLK day every year, and the same week as SIUC in the fall semester”.That is a great question. There are a few reasons for the difference. Illinois community colleges and SIUC are not bound to the same calendar rules. JALC must adhere to ICCB rules, which states that community colleges must have at minimum 75 instructional days in both its fall and spring semesters. JALC and SIUC also have some differences in the holidays they observe, and these are guided by the various labor agreements that are in place at the college. Additionally, JALC tries to coordinate the academic calendar with area community colleges as there are currently some sharing of classes among colleges.  Overall, with the aforementioned items, JALC’s academic calendar is typically a week longer than SIUC’s academic calendar. This extra week must either occur the week before SIUC starts it’s semester, or JALC runs a week later than SIUC.
January 9, 2023Regarding the situation on Friday (1/6/2023), if the college was on lockdown, why were students able to enter through the front doors? And, why were people brought to offices that were locked? Dr. Overstreet brought some individuals to offices during the lockdown time when most offices had lights off and doors locked. This is a safety concern.On January 6th, we experienced a violent and disturbing situation that has, unfortunately, become more common today. As a college, we try to plan for such events as thoroughly as possible and conduct hypothetical trainings, but unfortunately trainings are not the same and a real situation and often times weaknesses are exposed. Cabinet met to discuss the event and response and began outlining several areas of concern regarding our campus response. Cabinet members were tasked with reviewing their emergency plans and discussing with all the individuals in their areas on what to do and where to go if such an event occurs again. I want to assure everyone that any gaps in our protocols that came to light during the lockdown are being reviewed and addressed. Cabinet will be presenting updated plans, systems will be checked, and our protocols will be reviewed to ensure that we are doing our best to keep our John A. Logan community as safe as possible in these situations. Additionally, we will be utilizing training and drills on a regular semester basis and these will go beyond simple classroom discussions and will contain live exercises so that we can be better prepared in the future. More details on these required trainings will be communicated as they develop. I do want to express my gratitude to who stayed calm and worked through the event on January 6th. Luckily, the situation did not spill over to our campus, but we must be vigilant and prepare for any future event.
December 8, 2022A comment was submitted stating, “The office area where I work, is very warm and I was told we would get a new a/c unit couple years ago. its 77 now and it makes us all uncomfortable, when I talk to Scott he tells me “we are pumping in all the fresh air I can.” the wall unit does not work anymore in our area. our department wears a lot of heavy gear and we are warm anyway and when its hot in the office its hard to cool down.” The commenter recommended, “a/c unit for our office area”.The facilities department is working on pricing for the repair and enhancement of this HVAC in this area. This pricing will be provided to the police department so they can fill out a Project Initiation Form (PIF). This PIF will be reviewed during the FY24 budgeting process. A decision will be made during the budgeting process and the police department will be informed of the outcome.
November 10, 2022Election Day was interesting to me. The fact personnel used “all” two hours to vote was a head scratcher. Six-hour “sick days” and flocking to the polls at 2:30pm(leave campus for the last two hours) was embarrassing in my opinion.A federal holiday has been created for the national elections. The state considered having this for local and mid-term elections and then deferred the action for next year. The state statute that we follow allows employees to have two hours during the day to vote during state and mid-term election cycles.
November 4, 2022What is the rationale behind our holidays being shortened? I would really like to spend quality time with my family as students get to do, but with the brief days off, it makes it very difficult to arrange meaningful visits and travel arrangements.We looked at best practice across the state, other community colleges in our region and considered the past practice. The Executive Council and Cabinet discussed and came up with a solution that is now Administrative Procedure 366. Approved vacation time may be used to add a day or two to all college suspended operations times for the holidays. Some years the Winter break will be longer when the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, some years such as this year it will be a little shorter.
April 1, 2022A comment was submitted asking, “Do you know when the bridge to the south pond will be functional? The rails have been installed (last week they finished) but it is still blocked off.” The commenter recommended “Finish up so it can be utilized.”.The Campus Life Committee reached out to the Assistant Vice-President of Construction, Jeremy Sargent, who responded that “The bridge railing needs touch-ups and adjustments. That should happen (weather permitting) over the next 2 weeks. The contractor will also be striping the entire walkway the week of the 18th. I anticipate that the entire walkway will be complete, open, and ready for use by April 25.”.
September, 3, 2021A comment was submitted stating “The patio furniture at the bottom west entrance of G building (outside of G 124/G125) heading out to the pond is in poor condition. I have seen students sitting out there eating and studying on this patio furniture. Was wondering if replacement patio furniture could be purchased?”. The commenter recommended that “Any funding available or clubs could purchase some updated patio furniture.”.Yes, we will be placing furniture in that area. The plan for outdoor dining areas which is a public health recommendation will go to the September Board meeting. If approved, we will immediately place the order. We are focusing on in stock items. This is federal stimulus funding due to COVID.
August 5, 2021A comment was submitted asking “Why aren’t we being informed of confirmed Covid cases on campus? I think we deserve to know how many people who have been on campus have contracted the illness.” The commenter recommended for us to “Continue to report numbers of staff AND students at all times”.Covid numbers were updated for Thursday, August 5th on the website. Our COVID Coordinator, Kathleen Doty has been re-employed so those numbers will be updated every Thursday unless otherwise noted. Click here to view the COVID-19 Confirmed Cases page.
May 19, 2021Would really love to see student workers being taught how to be professionals and assist with office tasks. Some student workers do an amazing job. Others seem to watch a ton of Netflix, YouTube, social media, play games, and shop. This seems to be very common in several offices. I’ve actually been ignored because they were finishing an episode or chatting online. Lots of cellphone time as well. We should encourage our student workers to assist within our offices, assist other students, and focus on their coursework. We have a wonderful opportunity to teach our student workers what is expected in a workplace environment.Thank you for reaching out. The Campus Life Committee reached out to the Director of Career Services, Beth Stephens for further information regarding supervision of student workers and available resources. Each student worker is required to complete an Orientation video that covers their responsibilities and dress, but does not cover their job duties. Student workers sign a sheet acknowledging that they have watched and understand the video. It is up to each department to train their student workers on their job duties. If there are concerns, the supervisor of the student worker should be made known of the issue. Each supervisor does their own training and sets the precedence on what they allow student workers to do in their respective offices. Each supervisor has access to the Handbook for Supervisors available on the Intranet. If there are still concerns after addressing the issue with the student worker’s supervisor or if you have any further questions, please contact the Director of Career Services.
November 17, 2020A comment was submitted suggesting to list the number of students and staff members quarantining in addition to the number of positive COVID cases on campus. The comment suggested that this would be a better indication of the spread of the virus due to some individuals choosing to quarantine rather than also test. The recommendation from the commenter is to update the COVID 19 cases information.Thank you for reaching out. The Campus Life Committee has forwarded this comment on to the Office of Human Resources. Please also feel free to contact HR regarding any COVID-19 related concerns inclusive of Faculty, Staff, and Students. HR will be able to navigate your concerns, and ideas, relative to the virus.
August 27, 2020A comment was submitted requesting that instructors be informed of positive COVID students in their classroom without the names so that there are no privacy violations, but to allow for instructors to realize if they may have been exposed before being around vulnerable family members.Thank you for reaching out. Please contact HR regarding any COVID-19 related concerns inclusive of Faculty, Staff, and Students.  HR will be able to navigate your concerns, and ideas, relative to the virus.
January 17, 2020A suggestion was submitted to look into the possibility of having Food Truck Friday’s.Currently, Kings Food Service is not open on Fridays, so this is something that the college could possibly be open to doing. This comment was referred to Chris Naegele, Director of Facility Services. If anyone knows of a food truck that would like to park on campus on Fridays, the owner needs to contact the Scheduling Office.
October 22, 2019A comment was submitted in regards to announce emails for excused absences for teams and clubs. Commenter feels as though the entire campus does not need to be alerted and that it should be the responsibility of the player/team member to notify the instructor. The commenter’s recommendation is that administration request these emails stop and that individuals be responsible for notifying their instructor of the absence.This comment was forwarded to Administration. After discussion, the committee does not recommend doing away with these emails at this time. The committee agreed them to be practical and celebrate campus and cultural activities.
October 22, 2019A recommendation was submitted that there be an “About” section on the college’s homepage that lists quick facts about JALC and the college’s history. Commenter stated that if such page already exist, it is not easy to find. The commenter’s recommendation is to add an “About” section on the college’s website and include “JALC History”.There are a few locations on the college’s website with this information, but this suggestion will be taken into consideration with future design of the website.
October 17, 2019A comment was submitted regarding a concern with the hours of the E-wing café and the cafeteria. The commenter had been to both locations during what they thought were open hours, but no one was available. The commenter’s recommendation was to send out a new announcement/flyer with correct hours and consider opening before class/work hours start at 8 am.The contract with Kings Food Service does not require that they be open during certain hours. However, Campus Life Committee member Chris Naegele will have a conversation with Kings Food Service to see if they can set hours and keep them posted. Chris will also talk to them about the possibility of being open on Fridays.
August 23, 2019I think the student planners were a great idea and turned out exceptional. Kudos to Adrienne, her staff, and all involved.This comment was forwarded to Adrienne Barkley-Giffin and her supervisor, Tim Williams.
August 23, 2019It would be nice to see an operational staff employee featured on the JALC Facebook page.This comment was forwarded to Jared Gravatt, who currently manages the JALC Facebook social media page. Also, as a reminder, anyone may submit employee suggestions to be featured to Jared.
August 23, 2019I think it would be nice to offer more vegetarian options at our JALC events since there are those faculty, students, and community members who choose to be vegetarian or vegan.Kings Food Service does currently offer some vegan/vegetarian options. Chris Naegele will also mention this request to KFS to keep in mind for future food options. This comment was also forwarded on to the President’s Office and Adrienne Barkley Giffin.
February 5, 2019If a staff position requires certification and/or continuing education, it should be a professional (NTP) position.Forwarded to HR
January 31, 2019I appreciate the personable attitude of Curtis Simmons. He always arrives at our office with a smile on his face and a willingness to help. Thank you!Forwarded to Tim Gibson as supervisor.
January 29, 2019Shout out to Phillip Lane, who is always very timely and helpful.Forwarded to Tim Williams as supervisor.
January 29, 2019Kudos to the Foundation team that connected with Fazoli’s for the Italian Dinner fundraiser. I know several more will be coming for sure! Best of luck with this fundraiser!Forwarded to Staci Shafer for her office.
January 28, 2019Suggestion… we have had a growing number of requests for a “lactation room” for nursing/pumping mothers. When space planning, this is an area we need to give some serious consideration. Recommendation to create a clean, safe placeWe sent a recommendation to administration, Brad McCormick For the college to think of this in the future planning meetings and create a short term solution in the meantime.
October 14, 2018G Building has a soap dispenser that has been leaking and is broken.This comment was forwarded to Chris Naegele. The soap dispenser is repaired. Chris stated anytime this situation comes up to please contact him and he will look into removing the old dispenser and seeing if new ones are in there already.
October 14, 2018The first and second floor in G Building has horrible carpet stains and large areas of discoloration. Can it be replaced?The carpet replacement request was forwarded on to Tim Gibson, Chris Naegele, and Administration for discussion.
October 14, 2018Can we have paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms in the new B wing?This comment was forwarded to Chris Naegele and paper towel dispensers have been added.
October 12, 2018Can we make it where we cannot enroll students in classes that are no longer in session or at least have something pop up when the course has already started?This comment was forwarded on to Christy Stewart and Jason Snider. The understanding was that we cannot currently close registration on certain courses while leaving other’s open in Jenzabar. Further checking on this will be done to see if anything can be changed.
October 12, 2018A huge Thank You to all staff here at JALC who have had to deal with our mess, deadlines, strange requests, and everything else…which does include the kitchen sink by the way! The childcare center looks terrific, and is much safer due to all your hard work. I appreciate your time and dedication very much.This comment was shared with Chris Naegele and Tim Gibson.
October 12, 2018Request was made to bring Winston Bagels back to campus. The comment was also made that King’s shouldn’t be awarded a monopoly on campus.Winston Bagels should be returning to campus soon and it will usually be on Thursdays and Fridays. Kings KFS is not being awarded a monopoly on campus. They were chosen along with Crown Brew after extensive research on both company’s visions, goals, and abilities to transform areas of our campus to better serve students, faculty, staff, and administration. The search was also primarily looking for companies that could help take care of the F wing with as many events and vendors that come in and due to the lack of staff to maintain those events and vendor setup and break down, KFS was well suited for that need. KFS is also not an exclusive service. There is a list of other authorized vendors who can come on campus. The list can be found online at Kings should also be opening up food service in January.
February 8, 2017To avoid unnecessary emails, make it a policy to put address lists in Bcc instead of Cc.The Campus Life Committee decided to not move forward with this because it would take more staff time to enforce than for employees to delete unnecessary emails they receive.
February 8, 2017Suggestion to put a link to Office 365 on the faculty page of MyJALCRJ Sussman of the I.T. Department said he would take care of implementing this suggestion.
February 8, 2017The email sent out by The Writing Center staff about the “Anatomy of a Writing Center Visit” was great.This comment was shared with Kathleen Carl, who coordinates The Writing Center, and Matt Garrison, Chair of the Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences Department.
December 7, 2016Thanks to Matt Garrison for trying to create a department, including term faculty.This comment was shared with Matt Garrison and his direct supervisor.
October 19, 2015A BIG thank you to Ann Spencer and Jim Cooper for helping me on a Friday afternoon (10/16) at 4 p.m. to make sure that my training room in the H Building was ready for Saturday morning. When I arrived to my scheduled room to prepare for Saturday, the technology was not working properly. Ann helped me contact I/T and offered an alternate training room. Jim came over and got the technology working and everything went great on Saturday! Thanks so much for being as pleasant and professional at the end of the work week as you are at the beginning! Your assistance was much appreciated.This comment was shared with Ann Spencer, Jim Cooper, and their direct supervisors.
September 10, 2015A big THANK YOU to Phillip Lane for his help on ongoing upkeep of the CCR&R website. Any time we need something edited or updated, he responds immediately and has the updates done usually the same day. I told him it’s like having our own “Easy Button”! Thank you, Phillip!This comment was shared with Phillip Lane and his direct supervisor.
May 11, 2015Recommend reducing the number of student workersStudent worker funds were reduced for FY16.
May 11, 2015Questioning spending funds on resurfacing tennis courtsThis was part of a five year maintenance contract and the funds had already been allocated.
February 11, 2015People are smoking in crosswalk at E WingThis will be solved by enforcing the new state law that goes into effect on July 1, 2015 that bans smoking on college campuses.
February 5, 2015Convert from paper to electronic faculty schedulesAll employees will be able to input their office schedules and contact info on the new MyJALC portal.
September 17, 2014Consider work-from-home optionsThe Board of Trustees recently reviewed an earlier and similar request and it was not approved.
September 16, 2014Learning Lab hours & contact info on websiteForwarded to Krystal Reagan, Director of Distance Learning and recommended to College Relations adding an area on homepage for “Hours of Operation” to list building hours and operating hours for Learning Lab, Library, box office, Bookstore, etc.
September 16, 2014Sidewalk near G Wing southwest entrance1. Forwarded to Tim Gibson, Director of Buildings & Grounds 2. Grounds staff will monitor the area and keep it as clean as possible. They are also looking into permanent repairs.
April 17, 2014Link to Instructional Calendar needed on new website1. Forwarded College Relations 2. Link to Instructional Calendar added to Calendar on homepage
April 17, 2014Link to “Comment Responses” isn’t working and is hard to findLink was fixed and was added to “Staff Resources” section of SharePoint
March 28, 2014A trash/paper recycle bin is needed in my officeEmployees needing a bin for their office should Contact Chris Naegele, Coordinator of Custodial Services
March 28, 2014Give service awards to part-time employees, too.Forwarded to Human Resources and President’s Office
October 31, 2013Sweep away cobwebs, etc. at B/E entranceCustodians cleaned both entrances to the area. When the weather improves they will clean the exterior glass.
October 28, 2013Location of Desire2Learn on homepage is hard to find.On the new homepage a tab for online learning will be in the middle of the page.
October 3, 2013Provide recycle bins for glassThere is not enough glass on campus to warrant recycle bins. Bins for paper recycling will added to the library and computer labs.
September 26, 2013Provide email & SkyDrive training before implementationFrom the response Campus Life received from Mark Kinkade (Chief Information Technology Officer): In the recent past (three months), IT has provided all users with written/illustrative instructions on how to use their Sky Drives and email. Admittedly, we have not communicated well enough the current training options and they should have been done in advance of their deployment.

We are in the process of developing a Training site in SharePoint for the new Intranet. The SharePoint Training site will be jointly maintained and updated by IT and LRC (Tom Bell). We intend to provide a training calendar, request forms for requesting training, training videos, training links, Quick Start Guides, etc. Further, I intend to provide a link to the deployment schedules of each new technology being offered such as the new Microsoft Office Suite, Lync, SharePoint, and more. I would be glad to meet with you and others in the future if they want to seek further clarification on any technology training and other initiatives.
September 26, 2013Employees should follow smoking policyFrom the email Don Priddy (Campus Police) sent to all employees: Employees are required to follow the same rules as students regarding smoking on Campus. That rule is that smoking is allowed ONLY in parking lots. When students see employees smoking in prohibited areas they will assume it is ok for them to smoke in those areas.

Areas which were specifically mentioned where violations are occurring are the Waterfall Courtyard and the exterior of C Wing (near room C138). Smoking is prohibited in these and all other areas with the exception of parking lots.

Please follow the rules so additional steps are not necessary to ensure compliance.
September 4, 2013I appreciate the hard work of the grounds staff. Our campus lawns and landscaping are beautiful.The compliment has been shared with Coordinator of Grounds and Director of Buildings and Grounds
September 4, 2013Post holiday closings on website1. Forwarded to College Relations 2. A new comprehensive calendar which will include holiday closings will be on the new homepage scheduled to go live in January 2014.
March 11, 2013Update computer equipment and software in non-lab classrooms more regularly.1. Forwarded comment to IT Department and Education Technology Committee. 2. A computer replacement schedule for these rooms is being created and will be shared with employees. In the meantime, report problems in specific rooms to Mark Kinkade and I.T. staff will look into them.
February 20, 2013Add “Reserved” to employee parking spaces near H Building and increase enforcement.Forwarded comment to Campus Safety office.
February 19, 2013Kudos to Jane Bryant and the Political Science Club for hosting the forum for the Board of Trustees candidates. Great job!!The compliment will be shared with Jane Bryant, the Political Science Club, Department Chair for Social Science, and Director of Student Activities.
September 28, 2012Color printer for student and faculty useFaculty may take physical version or electronic version of color documents to Word Processing/Copy Center to get one or more hard copies. Student use forwarded to Word Processing, Library and IT (computer labs)
September 28, 2012Fax machine for student use1. Forwarded to Word Processing Center and Library with additional question about access to scanners to aid in use of free online faxing services. 2. Students may use the scanner in Computer Lab C242 to scan a document and fax it via or other online faxing services.
September 27, 2012Include CHEC in high school tours1. Forwarded to Marketing with recommendation to create 1 minute video about CHEC for online version of orientation. 2. College Relations will finish the video by the end of fall 2013 semester.
September 27, 2012Change employee parking tag to static cling decal1. Forwarded to Campus Safety to see if it’s feasible, recommended for rear windows. 2. Campus Safety is reviewing costs.