March 22, 2019

John A. Logan College Nursing Students Score a One Hundred Percent Pass rate on National Exam with the Help of Top Instructors

The John A. Logan College Nursing Program has long been one of the most respected programs in the state. With top notch instruction and clinical training, hundreds of LPNs and ADNs have gone on to achieve great success in southern Illinois and beyond because of the outstanding training they received at John A. Logan College. Today more than ever, students are finding success, thanks, in no small part, to the dedication and passion of the College’s nursing instructors. This became evident when the College received word that both ADN and LPN nursing students received a 100 percent pass rate on the NCLEX licensure examination for 2018, marking the first time in the history of the College that both programs (about 90 total students) had a 100 percent pass rate.

Director of Nursing Marilyn Falaster was not surprised by the students’ success on the NCLEX exam, a test that is given to nurses nationwide. Success that she attributes to the tireless efforts of the College’s Nursing faculty

“I think our strongest area is our faculty. We just have some dynamite faculty working and helping develop these entry level nurses into good nurses that have a good foundation no matter what area they want to go into,” said Falaster. “We have people every year that are hired directly into ER or surgery. That didn’t happen years ago, but it is common now because of the training they are receiving at the College.”

Falaster added that the work of the College’s faculty to help students doesn’t end at graduation.

“All of our faculty participate in study sessions to help students review for the NCLEX exam. This has never been more evident than this year with the one hundred percent pass rate,” said Falaster. “We have always had extremely high pass rates, but this is the first time we have had a perfect pass rate. It just shows the dedication of both the faculty and the students.”

The nursing program at John A. Logan College has had a significant impact on healthcare in southern Illinois; something that Falaster sees only increasing in both southern Illinois and nationwide.

“We have people that go straight to work while others go on seamlessly into a BSN program. We are seeing more and more of our students go onto get an MSN and Doctorate in nursing. Many want to teach, and I think that is because of the impact our faculty have had on them.”

The nursing program at John A. Logan College is on track to be one of the first programs to obtain the state’s newly required accreditation for nursing programs.

“The nurse practice act has stated that all nursing programs in Illinois must be accredited by December of 2022.” “We wanted to jump right in and start the process so that we are ahead in the process.”

According to Falaster, the College has been approved for candidacy and is scheduled for an onsite visit in the fall of 2019.