January 17, 2018

CARTERVILLE — Timothy McDaniel certainly brought his own look and his own style to the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees.

For the past year, McDaniel, 21, a music major, has served as John A. Logan College’s student trustee, taking a seat with the board of trustees and casting votes on important matters each month.

McDaniel, with his long, flowing hair, has an unmistakable look. But what board members — and College administrators — have seen most has been his committed approach to serving on the board and representing the students of John A. Logan College.

“I immediately liked his style as a student trustee,” said Bill Kilquist, chairman of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees. “He spoke right up and took command of the position students had elected him to. He’s been a great student trustee. Involved, committed, concerned, all the attributes you’d want from someone in leadership.”

Said Kilquist, “He’s been an outstanding member and he is an outstanding young man. He will go far in his future endeavors and will be an asset to any organization that is lucky enough to employ him.”

Dr. Ron House, president of John A. Logan College, echoed Kilquist’s comments. “Student trustees play an important role at the College and there is no doubt that Mr. McDaniel has done an incredible job of keeping in touch with the needs of students and all of the other duties that go along with being student trustee.”

McDaniel, however, will not be running for re-election. A student could serve two one-year terms as student trustee if they desired to run for re-election. The next election will be held March 7 via online voting. For a student to run for trustee, he or she must file signed petitions and a statement of candidacy with Susan May in the President’s Office no later than Feb. 14.

The newly-elected student trustee will be seated during the April board of trustees meeting.

McDaniel said the experience he has gained on the board will be invaluable throughout his life.

“Before becoming student trustee, I had no idea even how to make a motion or what it meant, and I couldn’t tell you what minutes were at a meeting,” McDaniel said. “But getting to be a part of such a great school that has so many great people willing to help and teach me, I now feel I can go on with all this new knowledge and use it to help me later in life.”

McDaniel noted, “I have learned so much it’s crazy. Going into this I knew nothing, and coming out of this I now feel confident going into SIU and applying for similar student senate positions. I have also used my knowledge at local town board meetings and church business meetings, and now understand what they are saying.”
McDaniel is moving on to SIUC after graduation in the spring. He said he will major in music education and someday hopes to teach at his former high school in West Frankfort.