January 11, 2018

MARION — Three-year-old Blakleigh Camden made a wish last year. John A. Logan College made it come true.

So now she’s made another.

“We’ll make that one come true, too,” said Taylor Siefert, JALC’s head softball coach.

Blakleigh — who has been battling cancer most of her life — took the field with the John A. Logan College softball team as an honorary bat girl last season.

Her battle with cancer has been difficult, but she has continued to fight, and now she’d like to take the field with the Lady Vols again.

As part of her battle, Blakleigh continues to travel back and forth to St. Louis for radiation treatments.

“When she took the field with us last year I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere around,” Siefert said. “What an inspiration she was to the team and to everyone who was at the game.”

Siefert said Blakleigh’s mother, Kasi Camden, will keep the team posted on her daughter’s progress and, this spring, as the weather warms, a decision will be made when to bring Blakleigh back to the team to again serve as honorary bat girl.

“Blakleigh is a part of our team and took a part of our hearts with her courage and spirit,” Siefert said. “She is the most outgoing, fun-spirited, and loving individual you will ever meet.”

Said Siefert, “Those of us so fortunate with our health that we are able to compete on the softball field day in and day out sometimes forget that there are people — even children — who are literally fighting for their lives day in and day out. Our team is going to continue to stand with Blakleigh to help her in her fight.”