November 29, 2017

CARTERVILLE — There’s been a number of baseball players from John A. Logan College who have been drafted into the Major Leagues, but, not until now, have players played on a field that resembles a big league park.

“This is a big addition to our program,” said head baseball coach Kyle Suprenant. “This field looks great. I’m so excited about it. I just can’t wait to start practice on January 10.”

January 10 is the first official day of spring practice for the Volunteers who won 41 games last season. Players and others have been wowed by the field’s renovation.

“The field is beautiful,” said Greg Starrick, athletic director for John A. Logan College. “It has a big league look and feel about it now.”

Major renovations are also being done on the College’s softball field.

The improvements are thanks to one of the largest grants for facility improvements in College history: $437,000 from the Harrison Bruce Foundation.

Dr. Ron House, president of John A. Logan College, said “you can’t say enough” about the commitments the Harrison Bruce Foundation has made to the College over the years and the grant for the athletic fields is another example of how important the Foundation is to the community.

“What a great positive for our College and for the entire community. The Harrison Bruce Foundation is known for doing so many wonderful things for our communities — and for the College — and this is just another incredible example of what they are about,” House said.

Suprenant said it took teamwork and commitment from the following to make the field renovation possible: Harrison Bruce Foundation, the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees, Dr. House, Brad McCormick, Greg Starrick, Steve Simms (architect), and Jim Siefert (engineer).