August 18, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Enrollment in community education classes at John A. Logan College is soaring.

And new courses this fall — including a class on flying drones — should take enrollment even higher.

Dr. Barry Hancock, dean of community education, continuing education at John A. Logan College, said the 2016 enrollment in community education classes at the College was up 10 percent from 2015 and up 26 percent from 2014.

“We look for this upward trend to continue,” Hancock said. Enrollment in community education classes is currently underway at John A. Logan College.

Part of the reason for enrollment increases is the continued offering of “fresh, new” classes, Hancock said, including the class on drones being taught this fall by Robert Craig.

“Drones are a big deal across the nation right now,” Hancock said. “It’s one of the biggest things in aviation today. We believed a class like this would be very popular in Southern Illinois and we are very happy to be offering it.”

Craig is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified as an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or more commonly known as drone) pilot.

Technology, as a whole, continues to explode worldwide, Craig explains, and, in the midst of that, John A. Logan College continues to be on the cutting edge of keeping up with those changes and teaching the things that currently matter the most.

There is also a long list of other new classes being offered, including classes that teach the use of iPads and smart phones.

“It’s amazing all the things you can do with an iPad or a smart phone and the owners of those devices are not even aware of it,” Hancock said. “These classes will give those who enroll a real eye-opener in all that can be done with them.”
For a complete look at what community education classes are being offered log on to or for more information contact John A. Logan College at 618-985-3741.